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FS: KJW KC-02 10/22 Custom Gas Semi Auto Sniper-NEVER FIELDED!

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Hey Guys, I'm trying to sell off some more airsoft stuff. So lets lay down the ground rules for this thread.


1. Paypal only, no gift options, no 3% charge.


2. I ship USPS with tracking and insurance. UPS is extra and I'll get you a qoute.


3. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO RETURNS, NO TRADES! If theres a problem I will resolve it.


4. No threadcrapping in this thread or lowballing. Lowballers will be ignored completely.


5. Thanks for your cooperation!

Onto whats up for sale. I have a KJW KC-02 10/22 gas semi-auto sniper. This was a stock ugly looking tactical KC-02 but was upgraded with the following:


RA Tech Sniper Kit (Wood Stock, Fluted Outer Barrell, 6.01 Stainless Tightbore)

Gamo Air Rifle 3-9x40mm Scope (no scope rings and is not zeroed in)

PFORCE Propane Adapter (with silicone)

KSC 0.3g BBS (approx 2000)

x2 Stock Mags



This gun in a gorgerous replica shooting at a consistent 400 fps. the bolt stop was taken out so as to allow you to completely empty your mags. This means that the bolt will NOT lock back once the mag is empty. I have the bolt stop if you want to reinstall it, but you'll need to purchase the spring from KJW since I lost it. This is not a problem, but rather an upgrade at least to me. I don't like it when I can't dry fire with friends to fool them while I change mags. Now I can, and more importantly safely empty mags of gas. There are no other problems with this gun. A new hop up bucking like a Falcon brand one would be a huge improvement for accuracy. I just never found the time to wait 3 1/2 weeks from ehobbyasia for one as I was always plinking with this. Speaking of which, this gun was never fielded....only used for plinking in my backyard and as a wallhanger:) Its such a gorgeous replica that I would never dream of putting it out in the wild unknowns of a match:) It shoots accurately to about 180 ft give or take with some hop up tuning.













I'm asking $300 shipped anywhere in the continetal U.S. with USPS Parcel Post. OBOs will be considered!!!!! Thanks for looking!!!!

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