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FS: Mk.11 Mod 0 (M110)

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Hey all, been collecting too many airsoft rifles as of late so decided to sell some of them off. I'll start with my favorite:


Here is a fully upgraded A&K M110. Overall cost - tech fees = $900.00

So, I'm selling it for $700 Shipped.

It was used once, for team practice. Not actually used in a field game.


Did a youtube video showing the capability of it. Sorry I'm horrible at editing and this is a rather long video so I linked the video strait to the FPS chrono.



Pics are below:


List of upgrades:

*Edit* oh forgot to mention upgrade hop-up to H-nub and resistive bucking.

LWRC Hand Grip (Snake) x4 9.00 Ea. = 36.00

Systema Bore up Cylindar and Kit = 90.00

PSG-1 Style Grip = 70.00

NC STAR 1.25-4x32 Red/Green Mil Dot Quick Release Scope = 120.00

UTG Riser Mount = 15.00

High Torque motor = 35.00

Element High Torque Gear set = 40.00

Shimming Set = 5.00

CA Stainless steel bushings = 15.00

Steel Spring Guide = 15.00

6.01 High quality aircraft alloy 650mm PSG-1 Precision Barrel= 100.00 (Now I think modify makes a lesser version for 35.00)

M150 Systema Spring = 20.00

Tenergy ~7.4V (Lipo 4000mah 30C)+ wiring = 50.00

Infected Armory (active braking) Mosfet Trigger install= 30.00

Magpul MK.17 Magazine (Hell, I don't know if they still make em) = 30.00


Upgrades = $671.00


Chrono's at 494fps Avg. and 498 Max.


Note: I will change the spring out to another spring if you need a desired FPS, however, since it's a real pain to work on Ver.2 Gearbox's, I'll require a downpayment of 25% first. I currently have a M120 Systema spring, that shoots around 400fps. If you wish for another FPS, you'll have to buy the spring yourself, I can install it for free. (Don't be afraid to crank it up if you want. This can handle it.)








PM For questions and

Thanks for viewing and happy airsofting :)

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