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1st Airsoft Gun HELP !

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Hello,So I have been out of the game for a looooong time.I play at a professional paintball level but its kinda getting boring now. I was looking at these two guns that I would run with a 7.4/11.1 Li-po batteries since I have tons from R/C cars. I just do not want to destroy the gearbox, I want the gun to last me a while.


I have a budget of $250 for just a gun. I have 100's of batteries and a $200 high end charger so that is out of the budget.

Below are my two main options I have seen, please refer me to the better one of these two, or show me something different that you would

suggest to me.






I would buy a Mosfet for the Sr25 if I go that route. I would only use it in burst and single.



Thanks for your help!

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Both of these rifles are good choices. You'll be happy with either one, as JG is a good starter brand. For you to run 11.1v lipos, you'll need to do basic DIY mods to the gearbox to ensure durability. (Shim gears, re-grease, correct AoE) You can find tutorials for these all over youtube. Lastly, I would refrain buying from Airsoft Megastore. There are tons of horror stories about them from many airsofters. I personally suggest Evike, Airsoft Gi, or Airsplat.



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Guest alberty

Keep in mind that some models of SR-25 replicas might not have the word "SR-25" in the product listing on retailer websites. Just try looking at all of the AEG listings sorted by brands to take a look.

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