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Mini DV MD80 mounted on VForce Airsoft Mask

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Hi guys, I just want to show you what I done to my Mini DV MD80 (replica) camera that I bought from ebay for a very very cheap price.


There's a modification I made there.. I changed the battery because the stock battery won't even last for an hour, so I took my old Motorola Rokr E8 battery and did some soldering work.. Now video recording last longer, I am not sure how long because I tried running it for a couple of hours and still recording. I haven't tested this on the actual game but soon. We have an incoming game this weekend and for sure would love to try this.


The BBs you see there has a purpose and that's for impact security so it won't break the MD80 cheap plastic casing. The camera has 1 layer of impact security that I took from my old Nokia N70 front camera lense and then added another layer of (I am not sure how you call it but I used glue stick and a glue gun)

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Nice! I always told my fellows here that I could be possible to change the battery without damaging the camera itself, btw that vforce profiler is one or the best mask I ever used! Being a player with glasses a few years ago that mask was a big deal, it has enough space for the glasses.

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