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Guest TriChrome

List your Loadout

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Guest TriChrome

This topic is for lists of what gear and equipment you carry with you to a game/skirmish, or to see what others bring with them. Hopefully it will help people pick out what type of vest, harness or belt will be a good platform to put all of that gear on/into.


Please try to follow the below outline of how to list your gear. We're trying to get it formatted the same way so it's organized, and people can understand where everything is stored. I will be editing posts to match this format. Feel free to add pictures of your gear.


Please be as specific as possible. "2x TM 400rd. Hi-Cap mag" is much better than "2x mags". Just as "2x 9.6v 2000mAH Batteries" is much better than "2 extra batteries".


Here's an example of how we're trying to list the loadouts:



-List your main gun here, is it an AEG GBB or Springer, FPS

-List any mags

-List any extra batteries or gas.

-List your Sling or Holster


I have a 2nd primary (I use 1 gun for Woodland, and a 2nd for CQB or as a backup I leave in my car if my primary breaks, this is an optional listing).


-List your backup/mission specific gun here, AEG GBB or Springer, (FPS)

-List any mags

-List any extra batteries, gas,



Please limit this area to guns you bring to skirmishes. Even if you own 10 guns, how many do you bring to the field?




I know we are not supposed to be talking about these posts.. but I have to remind everyone, a LOADOUT, is everything you wear while playing, not everything you own.  If you don't wear it all at once, don't list it as part of your loadout. IE.. If you have 5 guns, but can only carry 2 of them comfortably or convienently, then only list the 2 you CAN carry. If you feel you NEED to list other items that you SOMETIMES carry, then you need to list multiple loadouts in which you drop some items in favor of others.




Exactly. For example: I use my M4 for woodland, and my G36C for CQB, but the only things in my loadout that changes is the gun and the mags.





-List Sidearm, GBB AEG or Springer, FPS

-List Mags

-List Gas/extra batteries, etc.

-List Holster/Sling if you want



BDU / Clothing / Safety

-What BDU you're physically wearing (NOT tactical vests/LBE's, just clothing and such)





-Safety gear (Goggles, PB Mask)

-I added a white sock here for the wounded rule we play by



Tactical Gear

Start out with what you carry everything on (Vest, Harness, Suspenders, Load Bearing Belt, LBE, Cargo Pants, etc.)


Type of belt/vest/harness/backpack/cargo pants

-What's on that piece of gear:

-Pouch: what's in it

-Pouch: what's in it


People have been listing things like "4000 BB's", "2x Speed loaders", but they never say where they store all that stuff.


Even if you're just wearing cargo pants list something like:


Woodland Camo Cargo Pants

-Left cargo pocket: 1,000 Excel .25 BB's

-Right Cargo Pocket: 2 extra 23rd. mags for GBB

-Front left Pocket: 2x 130rd. Mags


If you have a vest and a belt, list both, what's hanging on each, and what's stored in every pockets/pouche. This will help people learn how to carry everything they have into the field (and hopefully not loose it, have it be easilly accessable, and organized). Here's how I formatted mine:


Blackhawk STRIKE LBE Harness

-2x BHI Triple M16 Pouches: 6 M4 mid-caps OR 4x G36 mid-caps

-2x BHI Smoke Grenade Pouch: Smoke Grenade OR 4x TM Speed Loaders

-BHI Flash Bang Pouch: GB-Tech Distraction Device (Gas Canister)

-NVG pouch (utility pouch):

--Bag of 2200 Excel .25's

--Garmin 60CS GPS

--2 AAA's (for Goggles)

--Cleaning Rod

--Small bottle of Silicone


I would like to thank ardrummer292 and Agent Hunk for getting me started on this little project.



If you've already posted on a similar post, and would like to be included on this one, please PM me and I will move it here, and format it accordingly.

Edited by TriChrome

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Guest M1911A2 guy


TM M16A2

MOUT sling




KJW Para 14.45




KJW M1911A1



BDU / Clothing / Safety

Propper USMC Digital Woodland BDUs or Marine issue Woodland (AKA old camo)

1 adjustable riggers belt-Marine issue

1 OD skull cap

1 JT Nforcer PB Mask

1 pair of Under Armor boxers

1 UA short sleeve shirt

Military issue boot socks-12"

1 pair of 3 year old, heavily worn, but still in excellent shape Marine issue jungle boots w/ Dr. Scholls in soles.



Tactical Gear


1 pistol belt

1 set OD suspenders

3 US magazine puches

1 US pistol magazine pouch

1 US butt pack

1 US thigh holster

1 Guarder magazine dump pouch

1 Cameback hydration system-2 liter


Butt pack:

Disinfectant wipes



1 bottle of 1,000 .2 BBs

Cellular phone

Depending on length of or size of game, bottle of propane w/ adapter

5" knife

bottle of water

Dynamite hex drivers

silicon lube

small set of screwdrivers and wrenches



Not much there. :biggrin:

Edited by M1911A2 guy

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* = already own



TM Steyr AUG SR AEG (380 fps with 0.2g BB's)*

7x standard-caps

2x hi-caps

2 batteries

1 scope*

(still need 2 standards and 1 hi-cap)




TM SOCOM MK23 NBB full set (no LAM in combat)

3x STTi Silent Assassin magazines (4 MK23 mags total)



BDU / Clothing / Safety

BDUs (woodland or arctic)

Under Armor compression t-shirt* and shorts

Gore-Tex boots*

Oakley Spec-Ops boots

BHI Balaclava

Wiley-X SG1 V-Cut Goggles

BHI Half-finger assault gloves

Thinsulate cold-weather full finger gloves*

Woodland boonie hat*

Cold weather navy blue patrol cap*

Cold weather arctic ghillie cap*



Tactical Gear

First line:


Eagle enhanced BDU belt w/Fastex buckle

-HSGI HSLD suspenders

-BHI triple pistol mag pouch w/Talon Flex

-BHI Omega Elite dump pouch

-HydraStorm 45oz Runner's Pack

-SOG SEAL Pup w/Kydex "Groove" sheath

-BHI Duty suppressor pouch

-BHI Special Operations holster (for the TM MK23)

-3x STTi Silent Assassin magazines (4 MK23 mags total)

-First-Aid kit*

-Granola/energy bars x 6*



Second line - ditched if: AUG is incapacitated, AUG is out of ammo, situations becomes SERE-oriented


BDU jacket, depending on weather conditions

BHI Omega tactical vest

-G&P Strobe Light bb loader*

-Uniden FRS/GRMS 8-mile radio, Voxtronix PTT speaker microphone, Otto V1-10305 Earphone Kit, Left-side large semi-custom flexible open ear insert (not decided whether my comm gear should be first- or second-line equipment)

-Zip ties (for POWs)

-Flash/smoke/frag grenades


-CamelBak 100oz H20 bladder

-16’’ PVC barrel w/permanently-sealed end and removable end cap on other end, de-jamming tool*

-Chemical glowstick secured to vest (deploy upon removal of second-line gear; aids in recovery



Third line - ditched if: base camp secure, recon mission, combat-essential gear only


BHI 3-day assault pack

-4000-round 0.2g bb bag

-Extra scope

-Trip wire*

-Pull-n-Snap firecrackers/champagne party poppers (great for perimeter security)

-Claymores/other demos*

-4 x socks*

-2 x granola/power bar (box)*


-72oz H20 bladder

-2x 1qt canteens* (one currently in my possession)



-200 ft 550 cord

-200mph tape

-Electrical tape*

-1/2’’ Rope

-2x 800mL HFC134a gas

-Chemical glowstick secured to pack (deploy upon removal of third-line gear; aids in recovery)

Edited by TriChrome

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Top M249 Para AEG (350 FPS w/ full ang/guarder upgrade)

G&G GR-16 w/ SIR AEG (350 fps)

TM SPR m4 MOD 0 mk2 Sniper Rifle (300 FPS -yeah I know, it needs more power)




WA Infiniti 1911 Standard GBB (380 FPS, full metal)

WA SCW Para Ordinance hrt special GBB (380 fps)



Tactical Gear


Tac belt (soon to be replaced with molle belt)

- plastic sheathe w/ plastic bayonet

- TT dump pouch

- bdu/shemagh/boonie/paintball mask or googles

- Bates tactical boots.

- mechanix impact gloves




Paraclete RAV w/ replica sapi plates

-4x TT m4 shingles ......4 G&G hicaps

-2x TT triple m4 mag pouch: 6x G&P midcaps

-3x Frag grenade pouches

-1x TT Triple pistol mag pouch: 3 wa double stack mags

-1x TT utility knife pouch

-2x TT medium GP

-2x TT large GP

-1x TT 3 liter hydration carrier

-1x TT molle 1911 pistol holster

-1x TT small radio holder




1. none...never needed one.




Crowd control:

1. 3 flash bangs (bb holders not real)



1. multitool (coleman??? too lazy to go look)



1. Motorola walkabout

2. Pryme throat mike (POS).



1. gas

2. bbs

3. batteries.

4. reddot scope

5. flashlight

6. 3 liter water

7. 2 extra canteens (rarely)

8. 2 mre.


10. first aid (rarely, if nobody has one, I carry).


What I normally carry:

mix and match all of the above..its over 60lbs if I carried all of that..so u get the idea..

Edited by TriChrome

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TM AK47 AEG (400fps, black furniture, scope mount w/ red dot, 245mm silencer)

1 600 round hicap & 1 250 round hicap OR 8 Star 30 round lowcaps (double-clamped) & 1 70 round standard

1 9.6v 3000mah battery




Maruzen APS-2 SV (~550fps, Mojji Hornet II scope, Maruzen bipod, 245mm silencer)

2 25 round mags




TM MP5K (M4 slither stock, reflex sight, silencer, highspeed motor & foam-silenced internals)

1 200 round hicap




KJW M9 Full Metal (Black, ~350-400 fps w/ stronger hammer spring and red gas)

2 25 round mags

1 can "Lanbo" red gas, 1 can propane (both in my backpack)




SRC Pocket Pistol (stretched mainspring for more power)

1 7 round mag




Woodland BDU shirt (used, bought at military surplus store)

Woodland BDU pants (used, bought at military surplus store)

Olive Drab beanie

LL Bean hiking boots

Scott PB mask (with custom-made fan installed)

Pearl Izumi fingerless gloves


Tactical Gear

Dakine hiking backpack (black):

- back pocket: 1 can red gas or 1 can propane (as listed above), bottle of bug repellent spray, hydration bladder w/ bite tubing running to shoulder strap

- middle pocket: metric alan wrench set, spare pair of shooting glasses, flashlight to attach to my AK for night games, vertical grip for AK47, 4-inch folding buck knife

- top pocket: mini toolkit (includes screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, a wrench, tweezers, etc)

- right side pocket: BB bottle with 1000 Excel BBs, SRC speedloader with Striaght 0.43g BBs, SRC speedloader with Excel 0.25g BBs for MP5K, SRC speedloader with 0.2g BBs for M9

- left side pocket: machete (if I'm planning on going into thick brush)

- strapped to the back: BDU jacket (if I'm not wearing it)

UTG thigh holster for my M9 (w/ one extra mag)




Cheaperthandirt Coyote RAT LBV

- Hip pouches: 8 Star AK mags, 2 speedloaders

- various left chest pockets: SRC pocket pistol, 2 speedloaders

- various right chest pockets: 4" buck knife, flashlight, vert grip, hex tool, 1000 round .23g BB bottle

- back hydration pouch: hydration bladder

UTG thigh holster for my M9 (w/ one extra mag)




... that's it. My gear and loadout aren't really sophisticated, but I'm happy with my gear and it'll have to do until I get more money.

Edited by TriChrome

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Guest WTA_Delta



8 High Caps

1 Std

1 8.4V 2400 Mah

1 8.4V 2100 Mah



5 High Caps

1 Std

4 8.4V 800 Mah - Mini Battery



1 High Cap

1 Std

2 8.4V 1800 Mah




STTi Mk23


Compact USP




BDUs- Woodland

Woodland Boonie Hat


5.11 Tactical Pants-Tan



Tactical Gear


PASGT Replica Helmet

X500 Bolle Tactical Goggles

Replica Oakleys

Ballastic Glasses

BHI Balacava

Ronin Tactical Vest (Replica BHI)

PT Replica Body Armor

Tactical Belt

Pistol Lanyard

Drop Leg Pouches

Drop Leg Holster

BHI Elbow Pads

Ceterion Knee Pads

Bates Enforcer Series Boots


(Without the PSGT helmet, but with my MP5)


(Old picture with my first springer rifle, still wanting for the more recent pics of the Delta gear)



Pro-Tec Helmet

X500 Bolle Tactical Goggles

Replica Oakleys

Ballastic Glasses

AK47/.223 Vest

PT Replica Body Armor

Pistol Lanyard

Tactical Belt

Drop Leg Pouches

Drop Leg Holster

Ceterion Knee Pads

Bates Enforecer Series Boots


DSS(Diplomatic Security Service)

Black T

5.11 Tactical Pants

Ronin Tactical Vest (BHI Replica)

PT Style Replica Body Armor

Tactical Belt

Pistol Lanyard

Drop Leg Pouches

Drop Leg Holster

Ceterion Knee Pads

Bates Enforcer Boots

Edited by WTA_Delta

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Guest jballou


M16A1 rifle

7x mags




Wilson FBI Trial pistol

3x mags



Tactical Gear


-3x SDS M4 mag pouches

-1x SDS GP pouch

-1x BH STRIKE Hydro carrier

-1x BH pistol mag pouch


That's it. And I rule.

Edited by jballou

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KSC Glock 18c (w/metal upper, and laser)

1x reg mag

2x hi-cap mags



Crosman Walther PPK

1x reg mag


BDU / Clothing / Safety

Green Army T-shirt

Cargo pants

FitBikeCo BMX Biking Gloves(im cheap; multipurpose items lol)


Tactical Gear

-I wish.......

Edited by TriChrome

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G&G M16-A2 (GR16A2)

1x AE 300rnd Hi-Cap

1x G&G 450rnd Hi-Cap

3x TM 68rnd Lo-Caps

2x STAR 30rnd Lo-Caps

9.6v 1900mAh Battery

3-Point Sling



BDU / Clothing / Safety

USMC Official Tropical MARPAT BDU Set (Blouse & Trousers)

1 Set Tropical MARPAT US Marine Tape, & Last Name Tape

Tropical MARPAT 8-Point Garrison Cover

OD Green Issue T-Shirt

USMC BELLEVILLE 550ST ICB's (Coyote Brown)

USMC Boot Bands/Twisties (Blouses Trousers)

Paulson A-Tac Goggles

BackUp Saftey Glasses



Tactical Gear

Guarder Interceptor OTV (Woodland)

-3x MOLLE II SDS Double M16 Mag Pouches (woodland)

-MOLLE II SDS IFAK Pouch (woodland)

-2x MOLLE II SDS Grenade Pouches (woodland)

-SDS MOLLE II Assault Pack (woodland)

-OD Camelbak "Storm" Issue

-HATCH Woodland Knee Pads


-OD Duct Tape

-Black Caribiner

Edited by TriChrome

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Guest TriChrome


G&P SR-16 (400 FPS w/ .25's, 460 FPS w/ .2's)

-8x 130rd. G&P Mid-caps

-2x 9.6v 2000mAH Batteries

-1x 9.6v 1100mAH Battery

-Spec-Ops 1-Point Wolf Hook Sling




TM S-System (280 FPS w/ .2's)

-8x 130rd. G&P Mid-caps

-1x 8.4v 1100mAH Ni-Mh Battery

-1x 8.4v 600mAH Ni-Cd Battery

-Spec-Ops 1-Point Wolf Hook Sling




TM Glock 18C AEP (215 FPS w/ .2's)

-3x 30rd. Standard Mags

-2x 7.2v 200mAH Batteries



BDU / Clothing / Safety

Woodland Digital Camo (Jacket, Pants, Boonie)

Under Armour Tactical HeatGear Full T-Shirt, Long-Sleeve

Under Armour HeatGear Leggings, Full-Length

Magnum Storm 10" Waterproof Boots

ESS Profile TurboFan Goggles

White Sock for Bow's wounded rule (and for cleaning goggles)



Tactical Gear




Blackhawk STRIKE LBE Harness

-2x BHI Triple M16 Pouches: 6x M4 mid-caps OR 4x G36 mid-caps

-BHI Smoke Grenade Pouch: Smoke Grenade(s) OR 4x TM Speed Loaders

-Tactical Tailor .308 Pouch: Quick reach for 1 mag

-Tactical Tailor Radio Pouch: Cobra 8-Mile FRS/GMRS Radio

-BHI Flash Bang Pouch: Garmin GPSmap 60CS GPS


-Tactical Tailor Modular Holster: Glock18C AEP, Cleaning/un-jamming rod hidden in rear straps

-Tactical Tailor Double Mag Pouch: 2x 18C mags + extra 7.2v 200mAH battery, and Surefire G2 Nitrolon flashlight with ring mount (120 Lumens)


-NVG pouch:

---Bag of 2200 Excel .25 BB's

---Garmin GPSmap 60CS GPS (if using GB-Tech Gas Cannister)

---2x AA's (for GPS)

---2x AAA's (for Goggles)

---6x CR123's + P61 bulb in Surefire SC1 Spares Carrier (G2 Flashlight)

---Cleaning rod cut into 3 pieces (to clear any jams)

---Small bottle of Silicone

---Orange Flash Hider (just in case the cops show up)

---TM Discharger

---2x Screwdriver/Torx bit combo (8 bits per tool)

---Small Leatherman Multi-Tool (with plyers)

---2x 9.6V batteries for SR-16 OR 8.4v 600mAH battery for S-System


-2 Liter Camelbak Hydration System with BHI HydraStorm TubeKeeper



Edited by TriChrome

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Guest tahoeairsoft1



-10x star mags

-1x hicap

-1x standard

-1x battery



USP compact

-2x mags





BDU / Clothing / Safety

woodland bdu


combat boots

saftey glasses they protect all around and shot em' point blank


Tactical Gear

black hawk tac vest

-motorola walkie talkie

--halo2 headset using with walkie talkie

-5x bags of excel bb's

-1x electric speed loader

-2x cans of green gas


Thigh holster

Edited by tahoeairsoft1

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Guest playa


Tokyo Marui M4A1 -AEG (362 fps)

-10x 30rd. Star magazines

-1x TM 68rd. Standard

-1x 300 rd hi-cap




Tokyo Marui m92f military model

-3x magazines

Maruzen Scorpion

-3x magazines

Sig Sauer 228 compact

-1x magazines



BDU / Clothing / Safety

1 real pasgt helmet in black

1 desert tan body armor shell

1 plack pt armor shell

1 pair of ceramic plates

1 pair of black S.W.A.T. boots

1 black garuder thigh holster

1 black utility belit

1 pair of 3 color desert bdu's

1 green nomex flightsuit

1 6 color desert helmet cover

1 white helmet cover

Edited by playa

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TM M4 with FF short outer barrel (M933) -AEG (350+ FPS)

-3 Hicaps

-15 G&P Midcaps

-5 TM standards

-5 star mags

-Aimpoint replica




TM Mk 23 nbb

-2x extra mags w/hiflow valves




BDU / Clothing / Safety

woodland bdu

Oakley Ballistic Shooting array



Nomex flight gloves



Tactical Gear

-Guarder Seal 2000 Replica body armor

-Eagle industries Armor vest pouch

-Duty belt

-4 G.I. mag pouches

-BlackHawk Omega M4 mag pouch

-1x electric speed loader

-Milspec holster

Edited by TriChrome

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Guest triggerhappy


TM Sig .552 -AEG (285 FPS)

-One spare standard mag

-One extra battery

-One cheap strap for a sling




Cybergun S&W M4505-factory upgraded, 300fps

-One spare 13rnd (standard) mag

-Drop leg holster



BDU / Clothing / Safety

-woodland camo BDU pants

-Under Armor black t-shirt

-woodland BDU jacket

-Cold War era East German Paratrooper Helmet

-$15 surplus store boots

-Nice leather gloves

-M-44 fragmentation goggles

-The Masque



Tactical Gear

1979 British Flak Vest

-2 smoke grenades in right pocket

-pilot's flask of water in lft pocket


I alternate gear, but this is typically what I carry, give or take a gun.


EDIT: Updated 6/29/06

Edited by triggerhappy

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Guest Lacessit


Tokyo Marui G3sg1

-4 Standard (70 round) mags (3 standard mags to be added)

-1 spare 8.4 3000mAh bat (left at staging area)

-3 pt MIL-SPEX battery sling





-Tokyo Marui MP7 to be added on release



BDU / Clothing / Safety

-Woodland BDU, Full Set


-8" Tactical Entry Boots

-Wiley-X CQC Goggles- Fog Tech (just in case)

-Valeo Mechanic's Gloves



Tactical Gear

BHI Pistol CrossDraw Tactical Vest

-HydraStorm water bladder 100oz

-3 spare G3 Mags

-Right shoulder Pouch: x1 bag .25 bb's (excel)

-Left shoulder pouch: Motorola Talk-about 2-way w/firefox throat mic

-3 Pistol Mag Pouches: x2 empty, x1 speed loader

-Pistol Mag Pouch on pistol holster: x1speed loader

-Internal Web Pocket: Pistol clearing rod, allen wrech set


Belt, civilian: Woodland knife, multi-tool

Pants: pocket knife

Left Shirt Pocket: Smokes, lighter

Web Belt

-Dump Pouch- to be added

-Medic Bag- to be added


I think that's everything... I hope I didn't forget anything.


updated 02DEC2005

Edited by TriChrome

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Tokyo Marui M733 upgraded to 500fps

-3 Standard (70 round) mags

-1 110 round midcap short mag

-1 -3 pt sling

-1 TM knights silencer

-1 king arms red dot scope




Tokyo Marui Sig 552 Commando Stock

-4 standard 43 round mags

-1 high cap 220 round mag

-1 -3 pt sling

-1 king arms silencer

-1 king arms red dot scope




UGT M870 Shotgun (just ordered)

-4 standard mags

-1 sling




KSC Glock 19

-2 spare mags (standard)




Tokyo Marui Glock 18C AEP ( for winter/cold season)

-2 spare mags

-1 hundred round high cap



BDU / Clothing / Safety

-Woodland BDU PANTS


-Neoprene kneepads

-Wiley-X CQC Goggles

-Neoprene gloves

-BHD replica kevlar

-boonie hat

-insect repelant

-combat boots



Tactical Gear

-Camelbak 300ml

-Fobus Roto belt holster

-Tripple pistol mag pouch

-Dropleg 3 carbine mag pouch

-1 tm speedloader

-universal web belt

-Double mag belt pouch


When the Brand New shotgun arrives I plan on bringing it along with one of the carbines and a handgun. Thats about it.

Edited by TriChrome

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US Army 10th Mountain Impression



Classic Army M15A4 RIS

CA AN/PEQ2 Battery Box

G&G GP6II Tac Light w/Mount & Pressure Switch

ICS 3-Point Tac Sling

-3 Mini batteries (two 8.4v one 9.6v)

-3 TM Low Caps

-3 Hicaps (AE, CA, & G&G)

-16 30rnd STAR Mags (M16, optional)



Classic Army M203 QD (for RIS)

CA Metal Barrel (Short)

-2 CA 165rnd BB Shower

-2 Nerf Ball "Howlers"


BDU / Clothing / Safety

3-Color Desert BDU Set (Blouse, Trousers, Helmet Cover)


Woodland BDU Set (Blouse, Trousers, Helmet Cover)

Altama Desert Tan Jungle Boots

Polypropylene Neck Gaitor (brown)

Hatch Knee Pads (woodland)

A-Tac Goggles



Tactical Gear

PASGT Kevlar Helmet w/SDS 3 Point Shin Strap & Ultra Comfort sweat band

Guarder Interceptor OTV (woodland)

SDS MOLLE II FLC (fighting load carrier, woodland)

-4 SDS MOLLE M16 Mag Pouches (woodland)- Mags

-1 SDS MOLLE 100rnd SAW Pouch (Coyote Brown) -Spare items

-2 SDS MOLLE Frag/Radio Pouches (woodland) -Radio

-1 SDS MOLLE Medic Pouch/General Purpose pouch (woodland)- Map, Batteries, etc

-1 USGI Butt Pack ALICE/MOLLE (woodland)- Dump pouch/MRE

-1 USGI Canteen & Pouch- Extra Water

-1 USGI Individual First Aid Kit w/Pouch (Long games/events)

70oz Camelbak "Classic" w/custom Brown/OD Krylon paintjob (short game)- Main water sorce


SDS MOLLE Recon/3 Day Assault pack w/hydration bladder (long game, woodland)


I'll add pictures later on today :D

Edited by TriChrome

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CA m15a4/SPR, or Tanaka M40a1 w/ Tactical Intervention m24 sling

-4 standards CA

-2 Midcaps TM

-1 Highcap CA

-2 batteries

-1 scope Leupold M3

-Harris Bi-pod 6"-9" Swivel, Notched leg




TM Glock 26 advanced

-2 mags TM


Or if sniping the m15a4 is my sidearm (USMC thing)



BDU / Clothing / Safety

307 Industries custom sniper BDUs in Marpat (307 industries is owned and operated by me.)

Od t shirt

USMC boots

Wiley-X SG1's

Nomex gloves

Marpat cover, or boonie



Tactical Gear

307 ind Ghillie attachment for sniper bdus (multi colors for different enviroments)


Arktis 1624 vest

-2x mag pouches

-2x pistol mag pouches

-2x large utility (misc like snacks, bbs)

-2x grenade- smoke or frag

-2x First Aid

-2x Internal zip pockets for sidearm, GPS, etc.




3-day assault pack (for long play periods lasting up to 48 hours)

-4000-round 0.2g bb bag Toytec

-4x socks

-2x granola/power bar

-2x MREs

-Extra camelback bladder

-2x finger light (no large flashlights, they give you away)


-100 ft 550 cord

-OD speed tape

-Electrical tape

-2x green gas

-4xChemical glowsticks

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Guest Thefragile1342


Classic Army M15 Based Knights SR-16 (for woodland)

Aimpoint Comp ML2 Red Dot Scope

RICO Tacical Grip

2X Custom Large Batteries

11X Low Cap Thermold 30 Round Magazines



CA36 Based Heckler and Koch G36K (for CQB)

Star Reflex Sight/Tactical Scope Carry Handle

G&P Rail Mounted Flashlight

G&P Infrared Laser Aiming System

Real Steel G36K Forearm

2X Large Custom Batteries

9X Low Cap G36 Magazines


Long Range Combat-Maruzen Type 96 Sniper Rifle

Eagel Eye MilDot Scope

Real Steel L96 Bi-Pod

3x Maruzen Type 96 Magazines




Western Arms Series 80 (main)

-Stock gun, Limited Edition with Metal Slide/Body




Western Arms Kimber MARSOC .45 (fall back)

-G&P SureFire M3 Pistol Light

-Pakmayr Roesewood Custom Grips



BDU / Clothing / Safety

1 Set Original Urban Camouflage BDUs

1 Set Woodland Camouflage BDUs

1 Set Black BDUs

1 Set Desert Camouflage BDUs

1 Set Olive Drab BDUs

1 Set Digital Urban Camouflage ACUs

1 Set Digital All Terrain Camouflage ACUs


1 Set Black Hawk Industries Knee Pads(Black)

1 Set Black Hawk Industries Elbow Pads(Black)

1 Kevlar PASGT Helmet(Black)

1 Pro-Tec Bob Burquist Skateboard Helmet(Gunmetal Grey)

1 Set Black Hawk Industries Solag Gloves(Black)

1 Wiley Ballistics Goggle

1 Pair of over Priced Oakleys Sunglasses.........Cost as much as my G36



Tactical Gear

1 Black Hawk Omega Rifle/Shotgun Vest(Black)

1 Drop Leg M16 Magazine Pouch(Black)

1 Black Hawk SEPA Holster(Black)

1 Bianchi Military Hip Holster(Black)

1 Black Hawk Balaclava(Black)

1 ALICE Mid-Size Backpack(Black)

1 US Military Issue Butt Pack(Black)

1 Tactical Web Belt(Black)

1 2 Extra Magazine Pouch(Black)

1 Pair Corcoran Jump Boots(Black)

1 Pair Matterhorn Special Forces Boots(Black)

1 Luminox Navy SEAL Dive Watch

1 Rigel Night Vision Monocular Head Set

1 Motorola Talkabout Radio

1 Unknown Headset Mic.

1 Navy SEAL Randall Knife

1 Tactical Tool

1 Rappel/Climbing Harness

75 feet of rope w/ hook

During Winter, Ice Climbing Spikes for Boots



1 Aimpoint Competition ML2 Red-Dot Scope

1 G&P Knock Off Advanced Combat Optic Gunsight

1 TGS PVS Red-Dot Scope

1 Eagle Eye MilDot Riflescope

1 Rigel Night Vision Monocular Headset

1 Set of Nikon Field Binoculars

1 Pair Wiley Ballistic Goggles

1 Pair Oakleys Sunglasses



1 Zippo Lighter(Brushed Silver)

1 First Aid Kit in Butt Pack

6 Servings BaseballGum in Black Pouch in ALICE Pack(It get's boring on Sniper Detail)


Wearing all of that I weigh halfagain my 177 Lbs. Structure. It easier than I originally thought

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TM M1A1 Thompson AEG (280 FPS)

-4 standard mags

-Military surplus sling


CQB Primary

TM MP5K-PDW (around 250 FPS)

-11 30rnd magazines

-1 extra 8.4v 600mah stick battery

-some random 2 point sling used as a 1 point sling




KWA G17 (320 FPS)

-No extra mags

-uses greengas

-Uncle Mike's Quickdraw underbelt Holster




TM Samurai Edge (300 FPS)

-1 extra mag

-HFC134a mixed with GreenGas

-Military Issue M12 holster





HFC Colt .25 NBB (150 FPS) If all else fails...


-Compass pouch



BDU / Clothing / Safety

Woodland BDU set


Coleman Hiking Boots

Brass Eagle PB Mask

Red Killrag





-OD Boonie

-Coleman Hiking Boots

-Brass Eagle PB Mask

-Red Killrag



Tactical Gear


Generic Black Vest (if using woodland BDUs)

USGI Surplus Pistol belt black

USGI Surplus Y-harness OD

USGI Surplus M-16 pouch OD (x2) to hold MP5 mags (4 each)

USGI Canteen Cover woodland, canteen and Zippo in the pocket

USGI Canteen Cover OD, canteen and waterproof matches in the pocket

USGI compass pouch (X2) one holds the HFC NBB and the other holds a Coleman compass

USGI M12 Holster OD to hold the TM Samurai Edge

Nylon .45 Magazine pouch to hold the M9 mags

Military Surplus First Aid kit

Unclemikes Underbelt Holster to hold the G17

Left BDU Cargo pocket holds 3 left over MP5 mags



Generic Black Vest (if using woodland BDUs)

USGI Surplus Pistol belt black

USGI Surplus Y-harness OD

USGI Surplus M-16 pouch OD to hold a BB bottle and 30 rnd reloading tool

USGI Canteen Cover woodland, canteen and Zippo in the pocket

USGI Canteen Cover OD, canteen and waterproof matches in the pocket

USGI compass pouch (X2) one holds the HFC NBB and the other holds a Coleman compass

USGI M12 Holster OD to hold the TM Samurai Edge

Nylon .45 Magazine pouch to hold the M9 mags

Military Surplus First Aid kit

Unclemikes Underbelt Holster to hold the G17

Left BDU Cargo pocket holds 3 standard thomspon mags

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Guest masamune


TM M733 (280 fps)

-10x Star 30rd. mag

-1x TM 68rd. mag

-1x extra Sanyo 8.4v 600 MaH Mini battery

-UTG 3 point tactical sling



KJW FMV 1911A1

-1 mag

-1 1000 Ml can of green gas (3/4 used)

-1 1000 Ml can of green gas (full)

-UTG Thigh Holster


BDU / Clothing / Safety

Woodland BDU's


Bats Steel Toed Enforcers




Tactical Gear

US issued Alice set

-2x (6 mags) 30 round magazine pouches w/ Dual Grendae pouch

-1x (3 mags) 30 round magazine pouch

-Mag Pouches: Star mags

-Grenade Pouches: nothing

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uhc mp5 (no silencer) approx 275fps (upgraded it)

2x 20rd mags

I have 5 40rounders, but I choose how many to bring based on scenario, #people, etc




clear, no name de.50 springer 150 fps w/ .20s (but accurate to ~60ft)

2x 25rd mags



Tactical Gear

dark urban camo pants with zip off capabilitys

black, long sleeve t

Scott mask hand painted woodland or grassland. (I have two, and choose based on game)

nevados high rise hiking boots (need new laces)



soon I will be replacing the uhc with a utg m870 PUMP ACTION ASSULT RIFLE.




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I have two load outs (well soon to be ALL complete by christmas)


CQC set-



TM benelli m3 super 90

-9 shells (not including the one with it)




KWA Glock 19

-1 extra magazine

-1 can of TOP gas (held in buttpack)



BDU / Clothing / Safety

fake kevlar style helmet

some goggles

Marpat Digital camo. (pants and jacket)

OD cotten t-shirt or long sleve

various plaid/solid boxers or boxer briefs

OD socks

GI boots



Tactical Gear

ALICE belt

ALICE suspenders

ALICE Buttpack

OD Camel pak

(all following are alice)

SAW pouch(for used shells or for the rifleman set up)

shotgun shell 10 pouch.

Drop down thigh hoslter for G19.






Rifleman Set-




10x star locaps

1x high cap

1x medium cap (160 rds)




KWA Glock 19

"" "" """ (same as CQC)



BDU / Clothing / Safety

Digi boonie


OD nomex bacalava

Digi bdus

OD shirt

same boxers

od socks

GI boots



Tactical Gear

Tacforce tan commando vest

ALICE belt

ALICE SAW pouch (hold 6 m16 mags)

camel pak resivor in my vests holder spot

Drop down thigh holster.

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-Firepower Thunder (Spring)

-2 stock magazines




UHC Mini Uzi, Clear (AEG)



BDU / Clothing / Safety-Blue jeans

-White undershirt, usually green, brown shirt

-Propper Sun Hat, Asian Tiger pattern

-Lake and Trail hiking shoes

-Shop Glasses (I know not up to safety standards, but at 140fps guns I play against I'll take the chance)



Tactical Gear

Vietnam Era Belt

-ALLICE: Canteen Pouch

-MOLLE: 2 Single Mag 9mm pouches (I rigged them to work on the belt)

-ALLICE: Post-Vietnam 3 mag M16 pouch (I usually use this for scenario gear, if no scenario then usually a disposable camera for those precious airsoft memories :) )

-Vietnam Era H Strap suspenders

-British WWII Era Small Backpack

-Spare ammo, my secondary mini AEG




Very very ghetto and cheap, going to have a huge makeover though regarding tactical gear in the next couple months, and I will also have a CA M15A4 (Rifle or Carbine)




-Cadet Benes (USNSCC)

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TM MP-5a4 (S.W.A.T. package - tac. foregrip, AEG upgraded to 350 fps.)

Well mfg. M-16a (springer) w/ lazer kit attached



Primary - Backup

mini MP-5a5 aeg ( is now attached to thigh holster )




HFC springer (G17 replica) on thigh holster

P-99 springer on waist holster



BDU / Clothing / Safety


Boonie hat

4 pocket jacket

6 pocket pants



6 pocket tac. pants

11 pocket vest

4 pocket jacket (on the way)

boonie hate



Tactical Gear

2x UTG thigh holster

basic side holster

load bearing "H" style suspenders

load bearing belt

2x magazine holders

brass eagle goggles

pair of jungle boots (black on black)

black balaclava (originally for snowmobiling)




4 pocket REBARK camo scheme jacket

4 pocket TREBARK superflauge pants




Multi-tool w/ pouch

compass w/ red light

LED pen style flashlight w/ pouch

2 way walkie (throat mic on its way)

blue light (originally on my springer M-16a)


Canteen w/ pouch for load bearing belt

.24g & .12g 6mm bb's (about 5,000, will be getting more)

10x 30rd. STAR mags for MP-5

4x mag clamps

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Guest sharpshooter08

I have three loadouts that I use depending on the type of game.


Regular woodland loadout



CA M-15 A1 Carbine (customized everything metal) AEG 400 FPS

CA M203 mount grenade launcher

-2x CA HiCap magazines 300 rounds

-6x CA MidCap magazines 130 rounds

-2x 9.6 volt 1700 mAh batteries

-3x DEEP FIRE M203 shell 180 rounds per shot :a-laugh:

-Blackhawk M4 3 point SWIFT Tactical Sling




KSC H&K USP GBB w/ threaded barrel 300 FPS

-3x H&K USP GBB magazines

-1x can of green gas

-SERPA USP tactical dropleg holster



BDU / Clothing / Safety

Under Armour black long sleeve (heat or cold gear depends)

Under Armour black leggings (heat or cold gear depends)

ProFormance BDU woodland pants/jacket

Wiley X CQC tactical goggles

Navy Seal Water Ops socks

Navy Seal Water Ops neoprene gloves

Woodland boonie hat

Altama black leather combat boots



Tactical Gear

Blackhawk duty belt-OD

SERPA USP tactical drop leg holster OD:KSC USP H&K GBB 300 FPS

Blackhawk Omega drog leg double magazine pouch:2x M4 MidCaps 130 rounds

Navy Seal Pup Elite combat knife w/sheath


HydraStorm S.T.R.I.K.E. Cyclone backpack-Woodland:

S.T.R.I.K.E. double frag grenade pouch woodland:2x M26A1 hand grenade (gas)

S.T.R.I.K.E. double frag grenade pouch woodland:2x DEEPFIRE M203 shells

S.T.R.I.K.E. NVG pouch woodland:Generation 3 NVG w/headgear

S.T.R.I.K.E. Blackhawk modular add-a-pouch small woodland:binoculars

Claymores/other demos

1x can of green gas 1000 mL

1x bottle of 2000 .25g BB's

Under Armour black Balaclava (in case it gets cold and my face gets numb)

100 oz. of water

candy bars/granola bars

insect repellant (misquitoes are bad where I play)


S.T.R.I.K.E. GEN 4 Molle Omega Vest-Olive Drab:

S.T.R.I.K.E. triple mag pouch OD:6x M4 magazines

S.T.R.I.K.E. triple mag pouch OD:3x USP magazines

S.T.R.I.K.E. small utility pouch OD:face paint/electrical tape/multi tool/lighter

S.T.R.I.K.E. radio pouch OD:Motorola radio P1225 w/FireFox throat mic

S.T.R.I.K.E. suppressor pouch:USP full metal suppressor

2x S.T.R.I.K.E. flashbang pouch:2x smoke grenades

map of playing area

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TM sr-16 (360 fps)

Tm Aug soon (340fps)

1 130rd mag

1 190 rd mag

1 9.6 1700mah

1 8.4v 1500mah

regualr 3 point sling



WA chrome beretta

1 standard mag


BDU / Clothing / Safety

Scott mask

Fox gloves

and whatever clothes I feel like wearing when I play

unless camo is needed:

3 full sets of standard 1980's army camo

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-3x9x40mm NcStar Scope

-Barrel mount bi-pod (extendable legs, swivel mount)

-King Arms Lightweight 245mm silencer

-Ghillied w/ tan and od rag strips and woodland camo tape

-2 magazines (11 rds. each)

-Basic sling





-3 Magazines (16 rds. each)

-Right side drop leg holster



BDU / Clothing / Safety

-Woodland Camo cargo pants

-Desert jacket

-White undershirt

-Desert boonie hat

-Woodland Camo head wrap

-Brown balaclava

-SOG Jungle Boots

-Bolle Defender Goggles

-Brown leather fingerless work gloves



Tactical Gear


-Right side drop leg holster:


-1x USP mag


Drop Leg Pistol Acces

-1x can propane w/ adaptor

-2x USP mags

-1x speed loader (200 .25 bbs)



-90 oz. water bladder

-King Arms Lightweight 245mm silencer

-Top pouch: OD bush rag (rag to keep weapons clean/dry)


Camo Jacket

-Top left pocket: 1000 Straight .3 Sniper bbs (bag)


Light, easy, effective scout/sniper loadout. Clothing and rifle ghillie specific for southern California summer/dry season.

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Ahhh....what the hell? I'll list up as well.



Maruzen KG-9 Classic aftermarket stock and silencer-400 to 600 FPS

-4 Mags




Classic Army M15A4 Tactical Carbine (335 FPS)

-10x STAR Low-Caps

-1x CA high cap




Classic Army 33E first run (330 FPS)

-2x CA Hi-Caps




MGC 1911A1 1945 style double stack. Exact recreation. (310 FPS with HFC)



BDU / Clothing / Safety

Standard woodland BDU pants


Summer-Black shirt under vest

Summer- Rated tie up sunglasses (fitted flush against my face)


Winter- Woodland BDU top

Winter- Wrap around googles.


Radio Shack Motorola VOX walk about (other with another member of team)



Tactical Gear

Under the Gun Deluxe cross draw tactical vest-Woodland

Left drop leg mag carry-Woodland

Cheapo Faded Glory hiking boots, after dog chewed up surplus Army boots.


One STAR mag loader. (The kind you push down on to load pistols and AEG mags) in pistol mag pouch.


One small retractable utility knife

Stanley mechanic Gloves (best grip you can buy)



Gear specifically for the Maruzen KG-9


One Palmer regulator

Two lengths of coil hose

Second regulator

One 20 oz C02 tank

Spare 9 oz C02 tank



It works well for me, yet far from done.

Edited by TriChrome

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My almost completed loadout-



Tokyo Marui M733 Colt Commando

-NC Star Aimpoint Replica

-Kings Arms Lightweigt 200mm Silencer

-2 Standards, 1 G&P Mid-cap

-1 8.4v 600mah battery




KJW Full Metal 1911A1

-Vest on holster

-No spare mags, don't carry gas



BDU / Clothing/ Safety

Woodland BDUs

Woodland Pants

Black Balaclava

Some type of military boots (got from friend in military)

Paintball goggles (tore out of the mask)



Tactical Gearr

Tac Force Urban Black Crossdraw Vest

-Small retractable knife or Leatherman (preferred)

-SRC BB loader

-Individual bb loaders

-Medical supplies

-BB bottle

-(soon to come) Skateboard Helmet

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Guest Airsoftplayer5


SRC SR4 (M4)-320fps-

MP5A5 Springer-280fps-backup

x1 300 rd hi-cap for M4 and x1 130 rd mid-cap

x3 40 rd standard mags for MP5




S&W M4505 Springer- 300fps?

2 12 rd standard mags



BDU / Clothing / Safety

Scott Goggles

Loose-Fitting Camouflage Long-Sleeve Shirt- (Loose fitting for less sting from bbs)

Camo Pants-extra pockets sewn-on

Knee Pads

Biking Gloves-

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-2x mags




PPK sidearm (springer)w/holster



BDU / Clothing / Safety

Tigerstripe BDUs(Proper brand). tactical boots. .

VForce Profiler. leather gloves.


This is my typical short/ woods game kit. I have other kit configurations depending on what and where I'm playing.

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TM MP5-SD5 (320 FPS)

-10x STAR mags

-1x reg mag

-2x Hi Caps

-2x batteries

TM MP5-SD5 (350 FPS)

-ghetto Rigged Sling(lost my good quality one, so im getting another in the near future)

-10x STAR mags

-1x reg mag

-2x hi caps

-3x batteries (large type, 9.6 2000mAh)

ICS M4 RIS (stock for now)

-1x Reg mag

-1x Battery

(my new project gun, have new bushings and spring on the way :headbang: )





-2x Mags

-lots of gas :boxed:


BDU / Clothing/ Safety


-PB goggles (JT)

-Black, no logo, Beanie (for underneath my goggles)

-Elbow and Knee pads

-Gloves (padding but no fingers)

-Pair of Woodland BDU's

-Pair of Digital BDU's

-Comfortable Black and Tan Boots


Tactical Gear


-SWAT Tactical Vest (CQB)

-[getting new either molle or sometype of modular vest]


-Slings for all guns ('cept the ghetto rigged MP5)

-Bag of BB's and Auto Loaders

-(looking into maybe a helmet if I want to go there)

-A small toolkit incase of small emergencies

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Tokyo Marui M4 RIS upgraded to 360-370 fps

Custom paint job (Silver base coat, gun metal gray on all metal parts and an OD/CB tiger stripe patter on all plastic or accessories)

- Hopefully a RIS mounted M203

- 3x-9x X 30mm illuminated reticule or Aimpoint replica

- Vert grip

- Cheekpiece

- Socom Silencer or barrel mounted flashlight

- PEQ box for 9.6volt 3300mah battery

- Rail covers for both sides and 4 rib for the bottom



Tokyo Marui M3 Super 90

Soon to be chopped and modded to use a M4 style stock and pistol grip.

- 5 shell butt sleeve on the Super 90 Stock



Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom with no Lam


Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa


Last Resort

Tokyo Marui 4.3 Hi-capa


KJW FMV Glock 27



British DPM BDU’s or OD bottoms and CB long sleeve guide shirt (Military vs. Contractor loadout)

Merrell Mid-cut Chameleon waterproof boots (coyote brown)

Wiley-X CQC goggles with cheap anti-fog cloth

Under armor underroos

Short sleeve Under armor heat gear in OD

Dual or Tri Layered socks depending on weather

OD/Black Shemagh (works as a scarf or for full face protection)

Hand cut half finger black knit gloves or Same deal in Woodland

Green Nomex Flight gloves

Woodland Balaclava


(I also switch out tigerstripe pants and an OD guide shirt for the contractor loadout)


Tactical Gear

HSGI Weesatch in OD

- 2x Proud 3 mag shingles

- Milspec Hydration pouch and bladder

- Milspec pistol mag holder

- Milspec EMT pouch

- BHI 6 mag pouch

- BHI radio pouch (too small for a radio)

- SDS Single mag pouch (using as radio pouch)

- STC (soon to come) 40mm pouch

- STC 2nd pistol mag pouch

- STC TT Utility pouch

- STC Roly Poly dump pouch

- STC BHI Shotshell vert pouch

No name drop leg holster in Woodland

No name drop leg 6 mag pouch (only when I know its paintsoft)

Fobus holster S.O.B. holster for last resort weapon

M4 One point sling (I believe it is a Specter Gear one)

Random Two point sling for my Shotty

BHI weapons catch






Equipment (in pouches and what not)

14 Star Real cap mags

14 Mag Brand Midcaps

Motorola old school talkabout or rechargeable Midland two-way

2 spare Hi-capa mags

3 spare Socom mags (STTI brand, leave the TM at home)

6 speedloaders (Like I need more ammo)

7 Shotty shells

STC Destraction device gas charger

Gerber Multitool

Gerber folding knife

Princeton-tec Flashlight

Fake Bayonet

Mcdonalds Boxers for a kill rag (never actually worn)

2 Name tapes reading “Fish”

Binoc when using the Aimpoint replica


Edited by kingcamo1095

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Guest ZakuAce

Darn LOL (Yahshua, The :censored2:, Emanual - That's my name, don't use it in vain) you people are crazy with your loadouts! ya'll got like $5000 worth of stuff lol.


I just had to say that...

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Changed up a lot, sold the crap and got some better stuff. So here it is.



TOP MKII M249 Minimi / 2500 round Box Magazine - Roughly 310 FPS.


-Stock Bellows system




MGC M1911A1 1945 version GBB pistol


-Older than you




United States Marine Corps issue MARPATs -Woodland




Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) MOLLE Plate Carrier-OD

Standard Boot


Small Mechanic (best grip you can get) gloves for the winter


Wiley X CQC Ballistic goggles for eye wear


Tactical Gear


Issue Specialty Defence Systems (SDS) Outer Tactical Vest Interceptor-Woodland


Issue Camelbak 3 liter-OD/Black


1X Tactical Tailor dump pouch-OD


1X Double Magazine pouch-Woodland (carry spares for other players to use)


1X SDS Hand grenade pouch


1X Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) Pistol belt-OD


1X Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) 100 round M60 pouch-OD


1X Small Maglite torch-Black


1X Radio Shack Motorola VOX walk about


5X STAR 30 round M4 Magazines /w magpulls installed

Edited by Omaha

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CA M-15/M-4


PHX WE Hi-Capa (when it isn’t too cold outside to use)

BDU / Clothing / Safety

Woodland BDUs

Jungle or leather boots

NOTE: This is from when I was active duty Army, kept it all…

Tactical Gear

Kevlar PAGST or MICH 2000 helmet

Army LBV and canteens

GI pistol holster for an M-9

1 Camelback hydration system-2 liter

Extra .20 gram or .25 gram BBs

Motorolla Talkabout radios

Depending on length of or size of game, a bottle of green gas

M-9 bayonet or M-3 fighting knife strapped to my right leg

Leatherman tool


NOTE: slowly getting ACU uniforms and equipment from the reserves and currently researching what kind of M203 tomount on my M-4...

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Guest lardstick


TM sig sg 552 seals 310 fps

-Mauri bi-pod, milspex 3-9X scope[/size]

-No extra mags yet



Kjw gbb usp 300 fps

Two lpeg mp5ks fps unknown


Bdu,Clothing, Saftey

Real worn woodland bdu's

Random little vest

Blancava (how ever you spell it)


Tactical gear

Real worn tactical woodland backpack (to hold mp5s)

Yes I need to take new pics for my sig

Edited by lardstick

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CA G36C (320 fps)

1x 470 rd Hi-Cap

1x 50 rd Lowcap



2x HFC M80 Combat Commander (285 fps)

2x M80 standard 14 rd mags


BDU / Clothing / Safety

Huge Insulated Army Jacket

Blue Jeans

Brass eagle PB mask


Tactical Gear

OD vest

some pouches

Edited by Lawngnome36C

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CA SLR105A1 AEG (370 fps with 0.2g BB's)

6 standard mags

2 hi-caps(250rnd)

1 scope + AK mount w/ custom rail for flashlight

1 G&G Taclight


CA M15A4 RIS AEG (380 fps with 0.2g BB's)

10 standard mags

2 mid caps

2 high caps

G&G Taclight

ACOG Replica Red Dot

2 OD Rail Panels

UTG Vert Grip w/ battery holder



KWA G19 w/3 mags

upgraded spring

high flow valves



4 mags


BDU / Clothing / Safety

BDUs (woodland or 3 color desert)

military brown or od shirt

Marine issue tan boots

BHI Balaclava(tan)

Bolle Goggles

Tac Force Assault gloves

Cloth gloves

Tan night cap

OD night cap

mouth guard


Tactical Gear


TT Bib(woodland)

TT X-Harness(woodland)

BHI Hydration Pouch(woodland)

Camelback Hydration Bladder

Neoprene Camelback mouth piece cover(od)

2 Tac Force Pistol Mag Pouches(OD)

BHI Utility Pouch(OD)

Tac Force Dump Pouch(OD)

1 AK47/M16 Mag pouch(holds 4 AK Mags)(OD)

1 AK47/M16 Mag pouch(holds 4 AK Mags)(Tan)

2 TT Grenade Pouches(OD)

1 buttpack/multi-purpose pack(od)

1 M16 Pouch(woodland)- used for pistol holster

1 bottle of bb's

1 speedloader

1 pair of needle nose pliers

1 pair of hex wrenches

1 set of small screwdrivers

2 rubber grenades

1 radio w headset

1 watch

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