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South seattle->oly show of interest.

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Hey all you southern washingtonians. I'm here gathering a show of interest. We have a few already willing to participate. Here are the details.


We are considering forming an age requirement team (17+) under the authority of prior military.

Our main goal is the use of military style teamwork to achieve objectives honorably (if you get hit, take it as a lesson that you did something wrong and need to correct it for next time, not thinking you are Rambo/terminator. There is no heros on this team, heros usually do something stupid and comprise the team .)


We believe 100% that a functional team is much stronger than an individual could ever be and our main objective is to train until functionality is nothing more than routine.


Of course, our number one priority is to enjoy the game as a good sportsman and walk away from the field feeling it was a good day.


No membership fees. Just a deposited of $30.00 that you may withdraw if you resign the team honorably


Our leadership structure is simple: One director who facilates practices, politics, and ops. One team leader, who will help facilitate training, and two or more squad leaders who will be rotated out to give all members a chance to gain leadership experience


Our guidelines are simple as well:

No weapon restrictions

No vest restrictions

No mag restrictions

No pant restrictions

No cover/hat restrictions .

Two team uniform blouses, a dark and a light, will be voted on that everyone will need to match.

Clearly audible radio devices that include sub channels are highly recommended and is frowned upon if unequiped

Same weight bb's for all riflemen (as voted on by the team)


Our practices will include: Fire drills, team movement, team communication, advanced tactics, room clearing, terrain navigation, sere tactics, opfor vs scenarios where you will combine what you learn in an attempt to go against your fellow team members to complete an objective, and testing on prior homework given.

(Team practice will be once per month)

(Team ops will be once per month)

**this is not a special forces team, or elitists. We are a satisfied humble group of brothers and sisters in arms... who happen to be well trained.

And our team doesn't end with the air soft field, we like to go out to bars as a team, invite each other to family bbq's and generlly be there for each other.


To be eligible to join, we as a team will determine the worth of your character and your honesty. Skill doesn't play an important part, if you are eager to learn, skill can be taught.


That's it :)


If you would be interested in joining such a team, please reply with questions or pm me with your interest.

Thanks for reading and happy airsofting.

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