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MARSOC Impression 2011-2012 loadout

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Nice kit man, what blaster do you use?

I use a VFC MK18mod1 which although is rarely seen, is kosher for the impression being I found some reference pics of MARSOC using it


internally, stuff has been done, deans, lipo, yadayada stuff like that. externally, I use a PEQ-15 shell to house my 7.4 lipo, and I switch my verticle grip every now and then between my TD stubby and KAC vert grip. I also swap stocks between my CAR15 stock and LMT Crane Stock. when I use the LMT crane stock, I use space in it for carrying IR Chemlights which is easily accessed by removing the stocks butt pad. when not in use I have a PEQ-16 which is basically right now used only in the pictures but I plan to put it on my M4 block 1.5 which should be a finished build by the months end


externally, ive used it with a T1, Specter DR, and a 553. I have an EXPS3 in FDE arriving some time this week either tomorrow or thursday.






ill upload a picture to the thread of my gun once I have the EXPS3.



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Looking good man, I've always digged the Mk18's.

im glad you like it! here is a more updated pic that I just took. my EXPS3 came in the mail today!


and in case you were wonderin or anything, I have a facebook fanpage :a-grin: you can use this to contact me better because I rarely go on Airsoftforums.com



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