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Bio bb's in Hot Temps

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Will biodegradeable bb's suffer any ill consequences during shipment in hot weather from several states away?


Depends on the bb....but its not like paintballs.


Corn Plastic can be left in boiling water and suffer no issues. Some get away with calling this bio.


Starch pressed in Lacquer are by far the most 'sensitive' bio round, but if the bag is unbroken, you should not have any issue.


Remember, these things are made in the sub-tropics...a little heat is not going to hurt them.

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for most bio's I've used they take sun, water, and lots of time to degrade so keeping them in the bag out of direct sunlight you should be just fine. Heat is not going to melt the bb unless you do something like stick them in an oven.....never done that before....;)

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