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I Andrew Founder and Thomas Co-Founder of E.C.R. otherwise known as Emerald City Rangers based or of Shoreline areal, and looking for team members in the age group of 12 to 14. If you want to be in E.C.R. you must be within the age group if you are not then contact us anyways at https://www.facebook.com/EmeraldCityRangers if you are within the age group. :GUNS:you must have an !AEG! primary (if you have a gas or spring powered sniper or gas gun make sure to tell us what gun it is!) primary, !OPTIONAL But RECOMMENDED! gas powered pistol (CO2, Green Gas), :Gear: you must have a vest (Plate carrier) helmet or hat with full seal googles (Recommended lower face mask), we run mid-cam BDU's and Woodland BDU's (must have at least one of the listed camos it recommended to have both). must have mid-cap mags at least 4 and at least 1 hi-cap (500 RND's or more). Please click the link above to our Facebook page and like it and put a comment or msg us your info HAPPY AIRSOFTING!!!!!!!1post-84183-1374114325_thumb.jpg

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