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From my experience even a clone tri-shot can be fired quickly if the shooter knows what he's doing...


The fact that it isn't uses those magazine-like shells is the most useful part for reloads as well, no shell-ejecting and no internal reservoir. No gas or battery source required is nice as well.


It's just not something to expect to compete heavily against other guns, only in CQB does it excel.



OP, if you're using this gun for CQB, get a cheap tri-shot without the stock($50), slap a Danger Werx rail ($15 at airsoftgi) and vertical grip($10), get a pack of extra shells($10), and some sort of shotgun shell holder($10). You should be able to do all of that for about $100.


Reloading does take some practice. I've fumbled around with them and I've seen a lot of guys fumble around with them during games. I'm always surprised how accurate mine is (I have the UTG/Leapers tri-shot with full stock).


Other wise, as someone suggested. Find a nice new or used GBB pistol, preferable one where a higher cap magazine (ie. 40~50 rounds) is available, get a couple of magazines and call it a day.


Oh yeah, there's also the KWA M11A1, which is around $75 less than an MP9.

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