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Finally A List Of Airsoft Locations State By State

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Illinois -


1- http://www.covertadventure.com/ -Airsoft Feild

2- http://www.tac02.com/

3- http://www.chicagoairsoft.cjb.net/

4- http://www.aggressivesportsjoliet.com Full service airsoft store and game promoter

5- http://www.airsoftchicago.com Event organizer and promoter

6- http://www.airsoftspecialists.com Reviews, TAPSS event organizer


7- Lombard,

1st Army

310 W. Roosevelt Road

Lombard, Illinois 60148

phone: (800) 499-7380 or (630) 916-7380


Surplus Store that caries a nice varity of gear, and a couple Spring Airsoft guns and BBs.


This information is inaccurate.

Links # 1, 2 and 3 no longer exist.

# 4 the store is closed and nothing seems to work on the site expect events which they had the last one a few days ago, other than that it is not a store.

# 5 is some search engine doesn't work.

# 6 is this exact forum front page.

# 7 as a very few spring guns which seem really bad and the gear seems great but that is all it is really, a gear shop.


Anyone by any chance know any air soft shop around Illinois?

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I'll work on cleaning this up over the next few days... I noticed my store was out of whack and now been corrected.

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Cool Stuff by L&M, Inc

We are located in Pittsburgh Pa!

We are a full service store!

We have everything a new player would need to get started!

We have something that every veteran will like to add to the gear!

Check us out at:


300 Curry Hollow Rd

Pittsburgh, Pa 15236





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North Carolina

Bob's Army Surplus

Sell everything on the site and surplus also.



Gi Joe's Army Surplus

(919) - 872-2769

5710 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27616


Local airsoft organization


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Armory Airsoft

Phone: 269-655-4888

Website: www.armoryairsoft.com


Armory Airsoft Field/Hole In The Wall Paintball (Field location only)

24262 66th Street

Bangor, MI 49013

Phone: 269-427-1511

Website: www.holeinthewall-pball.com (Will be down for a few days)

- No walk-on airsoft play unless during major events. Appointment only otherwise)

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Guest badcompany524


GandL's Airsoft

1783 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike

Plantsville CT, 06479


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Red Dragon Airsoft




It's one guy running a store out of his house, but he has good prices, and you can special order anything from him and he'll review and chrono it. He ships to anywhere in the US as well.

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Simi Vallet, Jericho Field

Jerichoairsoft.com for more Info.


True edge is in Winnetka not Woodland Hills.

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Salt Lake City, UT (and area)




4227 S Highland Dr #6, Holladay, UT

106 E 400 S, Orem, UT 84058

phone: (435)249-5287

Hours: Varies by location

I like them, but sometimes have issues being timely with repairs


Tactical Airsoft Supply


355 East 3300 South

phone: 801-467-6422.

Hours: Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (we are usually testing our products on this day!)

Sunday: Closed

Haven't bought anything from them, but Ajax, the owner, invented the famed STS.


Ogden UT

Addiction RC/Paintball/Airsoft

They mainly do RC and paintball stuff, but Airsoft in their CQB arena's SIIIICCCKK


1527 S 1100 W


Utah 84401

phone: 801.334.5555






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Blackstone Airsoft


3181 Hungarytown Road

Blackstone VA 23824

Office- 434-292-4222




Lance Dorin



Chuck Dorin














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It's also 5 years old! if you notice all the Airsoft stores in AZ are Jungle toys.


Bakersfield, CA:

Gorilla Airsoft

614 18th Street

Bakersfield, CA, 93301



Tues - Fri:

11:00 am - 7:00 pm


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Tempe, AZ

Gearbox Airsoft

1833 E. Southern Ave

Tempe, AZ 85282


Mon-Sat: 12pm-7pm

Sunday : Closed


Gilbert, AZ

Vanguard Paintball & Airsoft

3821 e Baseline Rd

Suite J-132

Gilbert, AZ 85234

United States

Ph: 480 507 9420

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updates for PA


www.WPAIRSOFT.com - very active forum For the Western PA area.


amped airsoft - local retailer for everything from entry level guns, upgrade and repair services,to high end guns and tactical gear.



Steel City Airsoft - PA's largest indoor airsoft close quarters combat facility. Designed and run by a combination of airsoft enthusiasts and military

veterans. This facility offers Open play, private games, training events and hosts milsim events on a regular basis, rental equipment,

ammo, gas,and refreshments are available. www.steelcityairsoft.com


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Weekend Warrior Airsoft



6010 Thomas Jefferson Rd

Forest, VA 24551


MOUT area with surrounding fields to play on select days.


website: wwairsoft.com (under construction)

Phone: 1 (434) 515-0717

Email : richie<AT>wwairsoft.com

facebook page: www.facebook.com/WWAirsoft

twitter: <AT>WW_Airsoft


For more information and pictures of field please refere to our facebook page as our website is currently under construction.


Grand opening OP will be JULY 13th-14th. Like our facebook page for information on how you can save up to $15 on our opening OP event.

Edited by Weekend Warrior Airsoft

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