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Ever see one of these?

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Guest alberty

Seems more like a novelty item to me. I get the idea that it means a pistol that's at your ready should the primary run dry all of a sudden, but this can add more problems than advantages. Some of my thoughts, though I have not fielded that personally:



- immediate access to pistol

- it would be already pointed at your target's general direction when you "switch" to it

- takes some weight/bulk off of your sides by moving the pistol there

- drop-in and is not a permanent modification, is removable if later you change your mind

- the pistol's grip can act as a rudimentary foregrip

- can let you "choose" a different caliber immediately when facing a target



- adds front weight and bulk to your primary gun, increasing fatigue

- attaches your primary and secondary together, so to use the pistol you are always carrying the bulk of the primary in your hands while they're still attached together

- makes it harder to immediately solve an issue with the pistol (emergencies like double feed?) since it's secured in the bracket, when you're in the worst-case scenario of primary down so you were trying to use the pistol

- takes up some rail space (but that's obvious)

- having the pistol in that position gives people the tendency to use it as a foregrip, and having a foregrip that is a fire-able weapon can lead to a negligent discharge

- having the pistol as the foregrip could also mean you accidentally hit its magazine release before you use it

- losing control (such as dropping the gun) of the primary gun means you are losing both your primary and secondary at the same time since they're attached together


For airsoft, it would be okay to try this out for fun in a safe environment. For real steel, I would not recommend it.

Edited by alberty

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