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Homemade bb catcher

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Where I'm located, I'm in way too close proximity to my neighbors that I'm not comfortable shooting outside. So I've been just messing around in my house but I've grown tired of cleaning up!


After looking at the selections on YouTube for DIY bb catch, none of them really suit my criteria so I made my own. I'm new to airsoft but I'm trying to grow my knowledge and practice shooting skills!


I started out with one of those big water dispensing jugs. I cut a big rectangular hole right in the middle. I also drilled two holes on the sides of the jug.



Then I took a plastic hanger, cut one of the sides off.



I slid the hanger in half way through the jug, slid a t shirt through the rod(for slowing down the bbs) then proceeded to push the hanger through the other side.



Then took some kind of clip, put a piece of paper with a precisely drawn happy face on it and gave him something to frown about!



All my bbs are now in the jug! Clean up is a breeze. I shoot from 30ft and pretty happy.


This is my own version for a bb catcher. It was easily made in 15 minutes and he best part was its free! You can do this with almost anything if you don't have a jug, but the same principles will still apply.


Let me know what you guys think, especially for those of you who can't shoot outdoors at your home or if you have any suggestions on making this better

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