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Cheap, convincing prop guns?

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Hi, I'm trying to work up a budget for an independent film. I need to kit out a small army, roughly somewhere around company size (80-225 according to Wikipedia). In other words, I need cheap prop guns that look authentic from a distance. They don't have to shoot anything, they just have to look as close to the real thing as practical. They don't even have to have the right textures, because the painters can paint the "metal" parts to look like metal, the "wood" parts to look like wood, etc. They just have to have the right dimensional qualities, hold up under light use, and be cheap. Oh, sling mounts, or the ability to take sling mounts, would be nice.


I know I'm really just looking for cheap, relatively convincing prop guns, and not airsoft guns, but I figured this would be as good a place as any to ask.




As small as possible while meeting other requirements; going to have to buy 50, 100, or more rifles.


Model Preference:

M4, M4gery, AR-15


Where do you play:

I don't. It doesn't even have to fire anything. In fact, fewer moving parts would be best.



Prop gun for distance shots where working guns aren't needed; all it has to do is take a sling and hold up under light use (slung over shoulder or carried around, basically).

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Er... You described most airsoft M4s.


Honestly, instead of going cheap, I would buy an electric blowback gun, because in reality, you have a moving bolt on AR-15 based rifles.


Or you can buy a cheap spring M4 and edit the rest onto it with "movie magic" or whatever the hell you call it nowadays.


Also, what branch of the military will it be? What country will it be from? If it's US, a standard M4A1 Carbine would suffice. If it's, say, Russia, you would need an AK-74. If Britain, L85.

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Guest alberty

It will be cheaper to buy cheap guns in bulk like springer M4s. But then, they're cheap: they may not look great and they may break easily. If the look is bad, that could harm your movie's quality unless you make sure to avoid showing its cheapness. Even with some painting you would want to avoid close-ups of the guns. I think even the springer M4s have sling mounts so that shouldn't be an issue.


All you need to do is just look at the picture of whatever you're buying and you can see if it has the sling mounts.

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