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I will give FIVE DOLLARS paypal for picture of Real Sword or CYMA SVD stock

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4:16 to 4:51 is inactive, now?

Let's be realistic. Your post came at a time when what I'd guess to be 80% of the players on the forum capable of affording an RS SVD are leaving their jobs, and before the Associated Press' polls say that even half of them have arrived home, you've decided you've waited too long.


Let's take a step back and look at what you're saying, for just a minute


I was about to say, I have a couple of friends with RS SVD rifles and I can probably convince them to take any angle of photo you could possibly want, in addition to any other measurements or comparisons you might need for fitment of exotic components or repair, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you may have already spent $700 on new wood furniture, the approximate cost of a whole, functional real-steel PSL-54C rifle, I might add?


The offer stands, I won't even ask for the $5, you just have to try to be reasonable in the future.

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Welcome to ASF!


Please do not post two times in a row (or more), this is against the forum rules.


Also, please be more patient when waiting for responses. You only gave users less than 50 minutes after you asked.

Edited by Dmitri Kalashnikov

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Guest alberty

Wow what an inactive forum.. I will just man up and spend the $700 for the real furniture.


Thank you all very little.



withdrawn.. jeez this is an inactive forum!

I will just man up and spend the $700 on the real furniture..


Thank you very little :)


You waited a whopping 35 minutes. Not a lot of people have the particular gun you're looking for since it's an uncommon and/or expensive gun. For the ones that do own one, you didn't give anyone a lot of time to hop online, go to this forum, read your topic, take a photo of their stock, upload online, and post here. A lot of people may not have even been home from work yet.


We would like to help you, you just need to understand that we're all different people in different locations and timezones leading different lives. We are not 24/7 tech support.

Edited by alberty

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