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Buyer Pays shipping

I won't sell anything unless buyers spends atleast $5

No Returns

No Lowballing





C02 mag for kwc IMI uzi

.2g bbs

Chronograph, preferrably xcortech.

Offer up anything





MP5, It was a HK MPA5 RIS, manufactured by G and G. It was blowback, but the whole design was flawed, the gearbox cracked 3 separate occasions on me. So I took out the blowback mechanism and the cracked gearbox shell and installed a...

BRAVO V.2 shell ($50),

systema metal ball bearing spring guide ($22),

Guarder Piston ($25),

Ball Bearing Piston Head (Guarder I believe $18),

Hurricane Tappet Plate ($8),

Maple Leaf Bucking pretty much brand new ($8),

Kings Arms Spring Set ($6),

SHS Stainless Steel Cylinder ($10),

Intellect Battery ($24),

Classic Army High Torque motor ($45),

Gemtech Suppressor ($40).

Greased and shimmed well, (the gun definately shoots faster than when it was brand new)

Those are basically all the parts put into it, and it's wired to deans. There are however some flaws in the gun. 1. Semi doesn't work, this is because the trigger connector was chewed away at,and if I would have bought new connectors for like $10 Semi-Mode would be working right now, but I want to sell the gun ASAP as I need the money for a vacation fund. I had to take out the cut off lever to ensure both FULL-AUTO and Semi-Mode work. So if the buyer wants semi mode to work, you must simply install new trigger connectors and install the cut off lever im sending with the gun (super easy to install). A piece of metal also chipped off the upper body towards the back of the gun (pictured), I did my best to patch it up, and it's only really noticeable when the stock is out all the way, and even then it's not that bad. The battery is pretty much fried, on a full charge you might get a couple of mags out of it, I'm including it anyways because you do get some rounds through it, but only a few mags if that. The suppressor is a bit scratched up and the dust cover is gone as it was attached to the bolt mechanism I took out. The gun cost me $270 new, plus $256 in Parts, puts me around $526 put into this gun. I am asking $275OBO and I think that's fair considering how much more the gun will be worth if a simple trigger connector is installed). Comes with original box and I'll be including the blowback mechanism as I have no need for it. I can upload a shooting video for serious buyers. http://postimg.org/image/n3cl54apx/ http://postimg.org/image/7fbmdxv13/ http://postimg.org/image/65u5kn6kv/


Next up I have a KWA M11A1. The gun works itself, it comes with a leaky mag, and a mag that works at 80% SUCCESS, I say this because it will shoot nearly a full mag when all of a sudden gas will shoot out the side of the gun. Not a big deal, it just means you'll have to use a bit more gas than usual. Has the coin mod, so it shoots pretty fast. Body is a bit scratched up, only noticeable from close up, and I decided to touchup the Safety and Semi mode symbols with white paint, just so they're more noticeable. Comes with Original Box. SOLD. http://postimg.org/image/jb8yrsm39/


JG Scorpion, I tried to customize it but gave up and in the end I have a gun thats missing its fire-selecting parts located inside the handle and also its motor. Most the parts are there, but the fire selecting parts thingy is mostly broken and the motor is broken, but still pretty much everything is there. The barrel, gearbox, hopup, all of that is intact. The wire stock did snap in one spot, but I did my best to duct tape it and then spray painted it, not very noticeable. This gun could be a project for a very talented tech, or just a prop gun. Includes charger, battery, drum mag, midcap, and 2 magpuls. asking $20 OBO. http://postimg.org/image/so6gwzmvh/


Now for the Parts





AK selector switches, $2.50 each

AK Metal Rear Sight, $4

plastic spring guides, $2 each

Pistons w/piston heads (1 metal tooth on each one), $4 each

Cylinders, $3 each

V.3 Trigger Connectors, $4

V.2 selector plates, $5 each

G and G m14 Metal hop up unit, brand new in packaging, $25


M249/M60 Reinforced metal hop up unit $16

Bevel and Sector Gear $6

Plastic Cylinder Heads, $3 each

Broken motors, are high torques, missing some parts, can be repaired. $6 for both

G and G Ball Bearing Piston Head, Brand New, $9

Plastic Fake Wood AK stock and and pistol grip, $13 for both

Sniper spring, around 550 fps, $5

Modify S120+ spring, Brand New, $11



And last but not least is this grappling hook, I bought it thinking I would use it, and slowly realized that I will never have the need to actually use a grappling hook. But this thing is pretty cool, I mean just to think "I own a a functioning grappling hook" Is pretty awesome. IS made of carbon-steel, and comes with 30feet of nylon rope. Apparently it can hold up to 800 lbs. Never really got any use, although it does have a small bolt on the top which is scratched up a bit on the top (a tiny piece that is scratched up a little, not noticeable). Comes in original packaging, asking $15 OBO http://postimg.org/image/f10eorsst/


Feel Free to Message me with any Questions[/size]

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