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Props for film needed!

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Hello Airsoft community, I have had many people on this site help me out and id like some more help. Today I am looking for Gear, (Vests, holsters, sights, masks,costumes, ect.) Im also looking for actual military surplus (Gas Masks, ACUs, MREs, backpacks, boots, paracord, ect.) I was told that I could get most of this on Amazon for pretty cheap but I wanted to see if you guys had anything that I could get for a better price or a better quantity or quality. Shoot me offers and pics and Ill get back to you. I will also post on this topic if im looking for anything specific. Thanks Airsoft community


PS. I also need a slide catch compatible with a kjw hicapa 1911, Thanks!

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Guest alberty

How many do you need, what's your budget, what kind do you need, and where do you need items sent to?


If you need a lot of items and/or you cannot spend a lot, you might have to try your luck with local surplus stores, goodwill/thrift shops, ebay, craigslist, or asking around.

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