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Private Parts

Operation Enterprise Island

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" https://www.facebook.com/events/445007675618995/

This is an operation style airsoft event hosted by Unknown Airsoft and Big Lake Tactical Wargames on October 5th.


Enterprise Island

(Presented by Unknown Airsoft & Big Lake Tactical Wargames)

The world’s energy is at an all-time low and is becoming life threatening. Major cities are running hourly blackouts to conserve as much as possible. Smaller cities have fallen almost completely off the grid. With the recent re-discovery of Enterprise Island located near the western coast of Hawaii things may be looking up. Enterprise Island was a test location for industrial power plants. The island has four plants that are coal, fuel, nuclear, and hydro-electric energy. The first countries to arrive on the island are Japan and the United States. These countries use the last of their fuel supply to make an effort to reach the island. With the world’s immediate need for energy it suddenly turns into all-out war over energy. With little fuel they may realize it is hopeless to make it back in whole…


Enterprise Island will be a full day operation with a break in the middle for lunch. This game is intended to be a more in depth and interactive scenario designed to advance you’re skills and broaden the spectrum of airsoft gameplay. It is preferred that everything you will need to play for a whole day is brought to central command located at the center of the playing field. The United States team will be marked with lime green duct tape to differentiate teams. Teams may end up being split in a way to where you may be against your friends and/or your squad members. The objective of the game is to finish the day off as the team with the most points whether you earn them by power, teamwork, or a combination of skills. Points will be awarded in varying value for every one energy source captured. To capture you must find and secure one sample of an energy source from one of four power plants. Some plants may have special transports. Miscellaneous objectives will be presented throughout the day for bonus tickets and can be activated by contacting a designated role player. The game will start with both countries on opposite sides of the ravine and they will be searching for old “blue prints” of the island which may give locations of the plants. Other than these maps teams will have no previous knowledge of the plants locations. Teams will be given a roll of white masking tape to be used as a medic rule. Each arm can be taped once during each life. After each arm is taped and you are hit again you must then return to central command to re-spawn. You do not have to use the medic rule if you choose not to you must return to central command and re-spawn. Some energy samples may or may not have extra value or special properties. All in all the idea is just to have fun with a more in depth/role playing style game. As far as fps and safety the standard Big Lake Tactical rules are in place.


10:30 am-Gates Open/– 11:30 am-Safety/Rules Brief – 12:00 pm-Game Start 6:00 pm-Game End





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