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Steeljaw36's WTS

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What has been SOLD:



Marushin Derringer

WE Samuri Edge

Battlefield pickup AK

umarex MP5A4

izlom gorka

Defender 2 replica

SSO Smersh AK/PKM rig

Dynaforce RYS-15m


G&P Stoner 63A

Magpul MS2 slings (both)

SRS scope replica

VFC Umarex M27 IAR


Classic Army M249

WA Kimber SIS package

Kwa kriss vector package

Mp7 suppressor


***Again, Unless I specifically say otherwise, no part outs of anything.****


Trade list (in no particular order):

Tanaka S&W M500 3" (yes the 3 inch version, not the longer ones, unless you've got an MBK on it)

Crye (or OPS) multicam combat pants and shirt (need l-xl regular with knee and elbowpads)

HSGI Pistol and magazine tacos

HSGI costa leg rig

TM M870 gas shotgun

LCT M60 (ONLY the LCT one)



Inokatsu 1911

A & k PKM box mags (looking for two)


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Really hoping some of this stuff sells, as I'm likely to be moving soon. I will consider reasonable offers.

Adding two more:


Classic Army M249

Got it near the end of last year, never used it myself, decided to just stick with my PKM and 240. Only missing the rail mounted holder for the bipod. Asking $240


G&P steel bipod

G&P Adjustable LOP SOPMOD M249 Stock

Classic Army RIS lower rail

G&P PEQ Unit (I think)

forgot the type of sling, but it's included as well.

Classic Army Auto Winding Auto Feeding 1100 rd Box magazine


Madbull 6.03mm tightbore

Systema Hopup Bucking

Prometheus Torque Gearset

G&P Piston and Piston Head

Prometheus M100 Spring

The gun has been rewired with high quality silver wire and deans plugs.






TM M1911A1

My oldest gun, the second airsoft gun I ever bought. Not that that means anything to you all, but it is what it is. Anyway, as you can tell, it's a TM M1911A1.

Guarder MBK

Steel barrel bushing

steel outer barrel

Wood grips (believe them to be Altamont, not sure)



action 150% recoil & hammer springs

madbull 6.03 tbb

nineball purple bucking

Right now, it's not getting a decent seal, as the slides not recoiling back fully and it vents a lot of gas when you pull the trigger. I believe it is either the loading nozzle or the piston itself (might even be the o- ring, I haven't taken it apart. If it is the nozzle, you're in luck as I've got a new one that I'm including with the rest. If not, well, this is a TM, parts are not at all difficult to find.\

Yes, three TM magazines are included, none leak. Asking: $170







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home until sunday, though I may be able to ship Monday morning


Both Tanaka revolvers SOLD



price drops:

vfc scar h: $400

TM M9A1: $190

WE M14: $500


Trade list:

AS Val

TM 870 gas shotgun (either full size or shorty)

A&K PKM box mags

inokatsu 1911

fort defender 2 size 58-60/5 (whatever the number for 6' is...)

as val smersh pouches

lshz-2dt or for kiver helmet (size 58)

hsgi pistol & magazine tacos



Umarex (vfc) GBB UMP

Yes, you read that right, GBB, not AEG. Thing has a hard kick, mainly due to it's incredibly lightweight (seriously, it's lighter than my tm kimber desert warrior). Semi, 2 round burst and full auto settings. In this I'd highly recommend the steel outer barrel as it adds some much needed weight. Oh guess what? This one already has it installed! Also comes with a total of 5 magazines (real caps, they hold 25 rounds each), foam filled suppressor, 3 condor multicam ump magazine pouches, aluminum bolt, and original barrel and replica eotech sight (abs, sight works but can be a little fiddly to mount), as well as the box and manuals. It is basically unused, maybe 2-3 magazines through it. No major scratches, scars or whatever. no giant warning lables plastered to it either! Asking $370



Ok, ASF seems to not let you copy and paste anymore, so I don't know how to get the photos up to you. Send me a PM with your email and I can send them to you.

Edited by Steeljaw36

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Alright, bit of an update here:

Ordered the parts to repair the 1911, so they should be waiting for me when I get home. So, it will be fully working (ill make a vid and try to post it here) for whatever buyer, but don't expect it to still be 170...


On the we m14:

Apparently, there is something with Ra techs trigger unit that causes the full auto issue, which is something that I cannot fix, unfortunatly. I have the oem trigger unit and I swapped that in to test, there was no problem with the semi/auto selector function. Id guess you could swap out the we trigger parts into the ra tech steel trigger box, as that would solve the pot metal trigger box breaking issue, but as the issue seems to be caused by ratechs trigger mechanism itself, without machining tools, I cant fix that...

Now, the magazines I mention in the description do still leak,but thats more cause I havent gotten off my lazy rear to open them up and reseal them. Ill do that when I get home. Right now the we m14 is on hold, as someones offered a Tanaka m24 for a trade and Im likely to go for that, but I havent heard from him in a while (he lives near where that magnitude 6 quake was in ca earlier this month, though I spoke with him just after it, he said he was alright), so im going to give him a bit more time, but it'll go back up if I don't.


(yes, im still trying to get pics working on here, no I havent been able to figure out why I cant yet....)

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TM M1911A1. Removed from the market


WE M14

Mags still leak, frankly I've hardly the time to fix them properly. They're WE mags, they leak.


STILL cannot post pics here, the image post just freezes every time I try to post an image, so yeah I can't post photos here anymore.



Edited by Steeljaw36

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