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ABS-G/ABE with issue sand tee underneath, not the crappy initial issue one that has like 1/4 sleeves, this ones like a badass moisture wicking tee.


ABS-G/ABE trousers with actual rigger's belt. Beat up Thorogood steel toes with my dog tag in 'em. I have a pair of Corcoran's I'll probably end up wearing depending on the terrain. Have a set of tan jungle boots I need to break in.






Clone CIRAS that I freakin ADORE and will probably never use another rig again. Got my name and branch tapes on it (probably should take the branch off at games right?) Couple of double M4 mag pouches. The "Dark Side" patch was my dads from when he was in the military, so I'm carrying that on with me. I need a sub load/belt thing since mine got stolen. Go figure. Also need a side arm as well as some more FAL mags. Eventually probably a SCAR or something neat and trendy like that.


Opinions on a belt set up? Mainly just to carry a holster and maybe some small tools and batteries. I was thinking of grabbing a tan/CB/dark earth (whatever you want to call it) CIRAS or maybe a JPC and see how I like it. I've got a CB backpack Ill toss all my crap into for the staging area/back of my truck.


Also I didn't feel like shaving this morning so no one give me crap for it. Also I need/want a helmet. Figure Ill rock my patrol cap until then. Yes, I do have eye pro. ESS's.


EDIT: Sorry for the crap pictures with all kinds of stuff. My family moved when I was away for military stuff and we're still unpacking.

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