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Sun Project/Escort system issues

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Hi guys,


I own a Sun Project M16A2, been having a lot of issues with it as of late. The recoil system functions fine, but the loading and firing is sporadic at best. With zero hop applied, a good third of the rounds fired zing off or roll out of the barrel (I'm assuming the rolling is due to the lack of hop). By 'zing off' I mean they curve twenty feet out of the barrel at a surprising right angle. Switching to a high cap seemed to alleviate some of these problems, but I don't and can't use high cap mags in game. It also tends to jam sometimes. I was thinking of shaving off a few millimeters of the loading shaft (I don't know what it's called, but it's the brass air nozzle sticking out the forward end of the bolt) to see if I could solve the inconsistent feeding, but I am hesitant to take such drastic measures since it should be fine.


I run it at 150 or so PSI as that seems to be the sweet spot for trigger response and loading -- below 140, maybe half of the shots cycle the bolt far enough back to load another BB. I have tried a wide variety of BBs to no avail. My regular mid cap are TM 68 rounders with extended followers, but I have also tried MAG midcaps and CA high caps (the high cap feeding the best). I have sent it off to a classic tech to what seemed to be no avail, as it was returned to me firing much the same as it was when I sent it off. Is this thing doomed to become a wall hanger or is there something I'm missing?

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