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WTS Sun Project M16A2 Carbine (RIS, railed receiver)

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Hey guys,


Listed this a few times but I've never really received solid hits on it, plus I've always ended up wanting to keep it. Unfortunately I no longer can. Screw college Imma be homeless.










^ Recoil demonstration at 155 PSI


Sun Project M16A2 Carbine + thirteen or so magazines (TM 68 rounders; most feed well).


-Full steel BGC from AS4L

-Revised Airshaft (Does not require 3rd o-ring mod to airswitch valve)

-Upper receiver flat-top mod from AS4L

-Classic Army RIS unit

-Heavy recoil weight from AS4L

-Revised inner barrel alignment and retention similar to that of an Escort MP5s.

-Adjustable hopup

-Tightbore inner barrel (Prometheus GBB cut)

-Steel outer barrel

-Bolt stop kit

-GG&G agency sling adapter

-Real tac stock with CAA saddle

-ARMS#40 rear flip-up sight replica

-KAC front flip-up sight replica (Not pictured)

-PRI tac-latch (Charging handle)

-Daytona Gun Bucking (forewarning, still in break in period)


Can include air rig for extra.


Looking for around $640 and shipping

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