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Quitting Sale :(

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Alright everyone, I've come to the sad realization that airsoft simply isn't a realistic hobby for me to have any more being in college. Im going to be selling the majority of the items I have acquired over the last few years. Hopefully you find something that interests you!


- Prices include shipping

- Open to reasonable offers (All prices are OBO)

- No trades please

- PM or txt with questions (609647six zero seven zero)

- Thread will be updated more in time

- Peace and love to all.


- At college, shipping may take time.

- P.S. pictures were taken before I left for school, guns/items haven't been touched since then.





1. Custom G36C - $500


This gun is my pride and joy. I have poured and obscene amount of cash into this gun and the sad reality is that it doesn't get the amount of use that it deserves. The gun was originally a JG G36, however I believe the only stock parts that remain are the body and the gearbox shell. All of the works on this gun was done by a well known technician on the forums (zackox900) and it is in perfect working order. After all the work I have done to it I am actually pretty sad to have to sell it :(. The gun as a whole has less than 10000 round through it, however many of the parts are brand new and have only been test fired. You will be proud to own this gun, I promise.


Includes - 11.1v 1100 mah G&P Battery (lasts all day), flat top rail, battery puch.


External -

- Metal Flash hider (unkown brand)

- Flat top rail

- Battery Pouch

- Rear Wired! (A hole was drilled and sanded to put the cables out the back, allowing for a huge battery to be stored in the pouch, however the stock cannot be folded during a skirmish, was never a problem for me)

- I carved a little face in it with a soldering iron and filled it with white crayon.

- American Flag is a Velcro patch used to cover an extremely small hole that was drilled to allow the hopup to be bolted against the gearbox for a better seal. The hole is extremely small, maybe 2 or 3 mm in diameter.


Internal Mods-

- Merf 3.2 Mosfet and Fuse (reside in the front handguard)

- Very thick wires (cant remember the gauge)

- Prommy Barrel (6.03) 247 mm

- Prommy Bucking/Nub

- ProWin Metal HopUp Chamber

- Prommy Air Nozzel

- SHS Cylinder

- SHS Cylinder Head

- Super Shooter Beaing Piston head

- Modify Bearing Spring Guide

- Blue Lonex Piston

- ShS Super High Speed Gears

- SHS High Torque Motor

- Perfect Shimming/Airseal/Feeding/Everything

- Just under 350 fps. Extreme (instant) Trigger Response.


I think that is everything! I hope I didnt forget anything. This gun is amazing and has been teched perfectly. If you buy it your enemies will fear you! If you are interested this gun feel free to ask me as many questions as you like.








2. CA m4 Project Gun - $225


- This was a project I started right before I stopped playing. Its not built right now but I will put it together once sold.


Externals -

- CA Body with lots of wear (looks cool)

- Legit MOE Stock

- MOE Grip

- MBUS rear sight

- Like new Viking Tactics Battle Rail (2 tiny paint chips) This thing is so cool. (Includes more rail segments)



Internals -

- Systema Cylinder

- Systema cylinder head

- Systema Piston

- Systema piston head

- Prometheus High Torque Gearset

- SHS high torque motor

- Systema Bucking

- Ill also throw in a neo chamber

- Anything else is stock.










3. KJW 1911 Slide - $40

- Missing Spring Guide


4. KJW 1911 - $100

- Includes both mags (no leaks)

- The idiot I bought it from scratched "diablo" on the side...

- Works fine, some external wear




5. 8 inch daniel defense rail - $65

- missing one mounting bolt (no affect of strength)


6. 10.5 inch Quad Rail with triangle sight cut out - $65




7. Bariska Red Dot - $30

-Like new condition, 10 levels of brightness, works great.


8. Matrix Red Dot - $35

- Brand New, havent used it in any games, works great.


9. 130mm Mock Suppressor - $30

- Quick Detach, Includes CCW Threaded Flash Hider




10. NCStar Bipod - $35

- Great Condition

- All metal


11. 10.5 inch m4 outer barrel - $30

- anodized black finish

- CCW threads




12. V.2. GB - $60

- All I know is that it works.



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