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Upgrades for new barrel hopup and madbull crawler barrel

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So far here is my list of upgrades and items that I will be getting to obtain a goal of mine. I want to be able to have a field setup with my riffle yet when I want, the ability to have a quick change out, crawler barrel and hopup, for occasional CQB. This is for a Socom Gear barrett rec7 10.5" M4 style




Barrel - for field - not sure on this one as I have heard different things on brands and length, but 455mm seems to be the best length from what I understand.


MadBull Ver. 2 Precision Inner Barrel for AK (455mm)



Lonex Enhanced Steel Inner Barrel for AEG (455mm)




Crawler Barrel - cqb - to be used with stock hopup that comes with the Socom gear


Madbull 300MM Crawler Barrel




Hopup - field play

I need some recommendations here as this is where I would like to place my 455mm barrel with, most likely a G&G green bucking or maybe a lonex 70deg. Just not sure on what the best brands or type of hopup





MadBull Gemtech G5 QD Barrel Extension - should be long enough to encompass the 455mm


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Guest alberty

I don't know what sources you have saying that 455mm is some kind of "best length", but what I can share is that you want to make sure your cylinder porting matches your inner barrel length. So for example, if you have a cylinder that's ported for a 363mm length inner barrel, then if you only switch to a 455mm inner barrel your shots are under-volume. You can also over-volume by the opposite, having porting for a longer barrel but using a shorter barrel.

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