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Huge Clearout Sale

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Inventory clear-out time. It is time for me to start on all of my winter projects, so these all need to go to clear space. I am really looking to get cash for these, so trades will probably be denied unless it is something truly special.


- DO NOT THREADCRAP. If you do not like something, PM me please.

- Payment by Paypal

- I will ship after you pay in full

- Any trades, you ship first. I have plenty of feedback here, and more upon request.

- Prices are OBO, worst I can say is no

- Prices do NOT include shipping unless specified

- Damage after it is out of my hands is not my problem, it is YOUR responsibility to buy insurance

- Refunds on a case by case basis, PM me please



Dboys SPR


This rifle is stock and in pretty good shape. The only thing that has been changed on it is the G&G full stock due to the stock stock (lol) getting broken. For an additional fee I can go through and fully tune up the rifle if desired.



- Dboys SPR

- 1 VN hicap

- Vert grip

- RIS covers

- Bipod RIS base


Asking $150





Galaxy mp5k


Looking to sell this one pretty quick. Inside it has a complete Basic Tune up (AoE corrected, pinion to bevel shimming, polished rails, ect), a rewire with 16 AWG Silver Teflon wire, and Deans. Barrel has been swapped with a UMP length barrel.



- Galaxy mp5k

- 1 hicap

- Folding stock

- m4 stock adaptor ($10)


Asking $85






ECHO g36k


Just picked this one up at the swap meet yesterday and don’t need it. Rifle is stock and cycles well. Handguard pin was missing, so it was replaced with a bolt painted black. Missing flash hider.



- ECHO g36k

- 2 hicaps

- 1 8.4v battery


Price: $80






JG g36c


This rifle has been gone through top to bottom. Complete Maverick tune up, rewire with 16AWG silver Teflon wire with Deans. Cycles great and will make a great platform. Handguard pin was replaced with a bolt painted black, and a couple bolts on optic rail are missing, but the rail is solid.



- JG g36 with complete tune up and rewire

- 1 hicap


Price: $90





Custom m4


Rifle is based off of a G&G CM. Gearbox has been tuned and rewired with 16AWG silver Teflon wire with Deans connectors. Rail system is a free float RIS unit and the gun as a whole is solid.



- Custom m4

- 1 non hicap mag


Price: $100








Selling this one for my brother. It is an ARES full metal m4 with quick change spring system. Rifle is wired to the rear with 16AWG Teflon wire and Deans connectors. I believe that I have tuned this rifle at one point when it was another customers, but I cannot guarantee it 100%. Rifle has a nice free float KA? MRE rail system and a Noveske Firepig amplifier. This makes a very very solid platform.



- ARES Full metal m4 with quick change spring system

- Noveske Amplifier

- Free float RIS


Price: $150










KWA Stock Gearset $15

ICS split gearbox $20 - Looks to be complete except the wiring will need fixing.






Mp5k stock $10





AK Gearbox $20 (Comes as seen in pics, no knowledge of internal condition. Will include some other small AK parts I have lying around)






ECHO SCAR Upper and Lower $25


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