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Sheriff Highlander Magnum DX

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It pains me to do this, but I've been out of collecting for some time and it's time for this gun to find a new home. This gun is one of, if not the rarest ones out there. I believe 25 of the regular ones and 15 of the DXs were ever made. I don't remember the exact history of this gun, but I do remember that it hardly fired at all when I got it, and I never put a single round through it, but aside from changing the o-rings in it, it should be still ready to go. Unfortunately, in a shipping fiasco, UPS but a scratch in it (pictured) which I have not gotten around to repairing. That truly brought tears to my heart, but honestly, it's not a big scratch and could be repaired. Other than that, this gun is exactly the way I got it almost 5 years ago, in almost perfect condition. Granted, it's a very old gun, so there is a tiny bit of rust here and there, but nothing that is really noticeable, and all could be cleaned up. As far as I know, I think Darryl_Zero and I have two of the (maybe) 3 or 4 that exist in the US, and here's your chance to get one.


Priced at $3000 shipped. Firm. I have this listed in a few different places, so this will probably sell quickly. I'd prefer to sell it to the ASF community though, so jump on this!! :-)


For those of you that remember my collection (it's been a long time since I've been on here), the rest of it will be going up for sale very soon, so if you have a gun that you'd like to buy that you see I have (My Asahi Blaser R93 or Asahi M60E1 SDX, for example) , make an offer!


On to pics! (more on request)









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I did goof on the numbers, I realized after the fact haha. I knew that didn't sound right when I wrote it. I'd love to sell it on eBay, but I hit the maximum dollar amount of stuff I can sell for the month of November unfortunately, but honestly I'd rather it go to someone in the CA community than get a few extra bucks out of it.

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