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I used to be a paintballer in the Capital region. Now I'm an avid airsofter.


I heard of and wished I could go to one of the big games. Just never had the time or money. I've never seen the field and would love to come out for a game though if this does go through.


If you want a big crowd, get it on multiple forums, especially WNYAL. That forum is more western and central ny so you should get a good group of people interested. Also NEASG, and NYC airsoft forums.


As far as the size. If you get it approved, post it on the right forums, and obtain the right dates. Having a national operation the same weekend will hurt the turnout in a big way.

Otherwise I see a good turnout.


I would like to see a well written operation. I've seen some good stuff but nothing great. Get the milsim aspect into the game. Have role players, staff or players who can be captured who may have Intel on tjem. Do some research on the national events and incorporate that aspect of realism.


Just my .02

Sorry for the long post

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My buddy I airsoft with is a West Pointer and just spoke to me about this last weekend (name is Corino). I think this event has potential to be HUGE. The North East is the best region of the country for MILSIM, lets make this happen.

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