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looking for airsoft arena/business partner

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Hello, if you are reading this than I am to assume that you may be interested in some way. I have been Airsofting for about 3 years now, mainly small time, and I am ready to take it to the next lever. I have been in and out of jobs for the last few years because I cannot seem to find my niche. And then it suddenly hit me. The one constant I have had in my life as an interest is airsoft. I recently moved out to a small town in eastern Montana called Colstrip. It’s about an hour and a half drive away from billings which Is currently has the highest density population in Montana. So I have been planning and coming up with ideas for an arena slash airsoft dealership in the area. I would need a business partner in order to pull this off for a few reasons stated below.

1) The footwork is far too much for one person to do on their own

2) Seeing as how I have been in and out of a job for the last few years I obviously do not have the funds to be able to start this on my own either.

And finally

3) I am not experienced in the business side of airsoft much at all.

Now I already have a place in mind. A very good friend of mine has a piece of property about 70 acres that is completely usable, and that he has agreed for us to use. He is also willing to help fund the project. The local grocery store has given me access to their wooden pallets as they generally tend to throw them away twice a week. And the local landfill has given me access to their wood and rubber tires.


I have a few unique ideas to help with the business and it being an attractive option as well. But for now I would like to leave it at this for the simple fact that someone could see it and use the idea on their own. If you are interested, and would like to talk about the opportunity, you can add me on Skype (I like face to face contact) or PM me. You can get my Skype account name in a PM. Thank you for reading.


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