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KJW M700 TD inner barrel issue

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Hi, I'm writing from Italy about some problems with my M700 Take Down. I can't reach a good shts concetration on the target.

Reading a lot of posts in this forum I upgraded the rifle with G&G stricker spring and seal, Falcon bucking, spacer for inner barrel, tried 3 type of inner barrel and a lot of BBs types. On the way I found this fondamental problem (in my case)


Unfortunately the rifle didn't mantain the concentration reported in the picture. As I told in the previous post I tried to change the inner barrell using a Prommy 6,01 425 mm and a Madbull ultimate 6,01 650 mm. and now I'm using a Lonex 6.03 650 mm. With all the barrel I obtain some good shots but also a lot of flyers without a sense: some high, some low, right, left. Now I'm using 0,43 Guarder BBs with propane obtaining about 370 Fps, around 3 J at 17 c°.

I noted that it's better to shoot at least two times with the magazine unloaded before to shoot at the target becouse the first 2 shots usually are flyers.

I tried also with an air rig at various pressures but without great results.

Some suggestions?

I hope in the experience of Brainplay and others old airsoft snipers. Help me please.

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Sigh... I'm afraid. I wil continue to serch and try to solve the problem. I'm sure there must be something to do. The rifle is solid and nothing move or wobble.

It seems that mounting outer barrel precision decrease. But if the outer push the inner in a direction I espect to see all shots deviated in that direction, not random.

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Search for posts by Nodnarb about his modifications to his take down. The problem is probably your hopup system which is not very good and different from regular Tanaka/KJW M700s. Nodnarb did some mods to replace it. However, this required some drilling if I remember right.

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