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G&P MUR Vltor Body, Noveske Rails, Extreme-Fire Mosfets

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I'm moving on from the M4 platform, thus I have some stuff to sell. I've done my best to describe the products. I can take more pictures upon request. Prices can be found in bold after the description under the pictures.


Cash is King. Prices include shipping, I take paypal. If you see a price you don't like, send me an offer.


Trades: I'm interested in SR-25 mids, and SR-25 gear. A&K/CA/G&P, no Ares Mids. If you think I'll be interested in something else, there's no harm in asking, just remember that cash is king.






G&P MUR Vltor Body. Has a Magpul PTS trigger guard, G&P Selector Switch, and a Guarder magazine catch. The buffer tube mount has been modified to fit larger/more wires. The threading has been converted from Imperial to Metric, so most any rail system should fit on it now. It is used, you can see the few marks on it, some under the rails from the optic used on the gun, some at the front of the magwell from banging into something, then there are a couple near the rear pin. No major scratches or damages, but it's not free from harm. $110



Madbull Noveske 12.6" Rail and mounting hardware. Still in good condition. Used as well, but hardly any marks on it, it's still in really good condition. Comes with all the hardware needed to install it. $90





Madbull PWS Diablo Buffer tube and an Element Vltor Emod stock. I've massively modified it to allow for larger batteries, very large batteries in fact. The one pictured is a 2700mah 35c 14.8v lipo. This was so I could get the benefits of large batteries without a battery bag and without using a full stock. The buffer tube has masking tape around it to help secure it in the stock. When locked in place, there is no wobble, even with all the material removed, it holds strong. Do note that this only works in the 5th and 6th positions of the stock, shorter positions will require more modification. It comes with all mounting hardware. $70




ASG Bersa BP9CC Co2 Pistol. Last chronoed at 380fps with .25g bbs. But, it's brand new, and feels really solid. Metal construction with a hop up and blowback. Kinda feels like a single stack glock. I've run two Co2 cartridges through it, so it's still very new. Never skirmished. $60




Extreme-Fire Mosfets. Here we have an Extreme-Fire Lion on the left, and an Extreme-Fire Panther on the left. Both of these are top of the line, and you can find out more about them on Extreme-Fire's website. At the moment, I have no use for them, and need the money. The Extreme-Fire Lion is possibly the strongest mosfet on the market, able to handle up to 22.2v lipos while still being completely programmable. The Extreme-Fire Panther is like the Lion's littlest brother, the Panther is able to handle up to an 11.1v lipo, but don't worry about plugging in a stronger battery, it'll just tell you it's not going anywhere and shut down until you put something appropriately powered into it. It is still very programmable, offering many of the same features as the Cheetah and the Lion. I'm selling the Lion for $125 and the Panther for $65.

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