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Looking for additional team members in Hood River/Underwood area

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Hello, I am the manager of a small air soft/paintball team in hood River/Underwood/white salmon area known as The Judges. We currently have around 25 members, 12 of which are very active and play often. we have multiple private fields that most people would have to pay to play at. Due to the fact that half out team just graduated high school last year and are now in college we are looking for new members to join and play. few things you should know is that we play for fun and not money, our age ranges from 14-21 RIGHT NOW but that's not a limit. we have no fps limits, and if you have a gun bb's, and a mask you can play, you don't have to have full loadout to play by any means. so if you live somewhere in this area please hit me up.

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