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SB199: PASSED! Here's what CA Airsofters Need to do!

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That's true for the most part. But speedball tech has been hitting the woodsball, and now mag fed side.


Dye (one of the two biggest speedball companies) DAM (Dye Assault Matrix). Spool Valve, low pressure with more or less the same electronic adjustments as the P*




But here's something a bit more authentic looking. Milsig M17 SMG

Mechanical full auto, mid pressure regulated spool valve.




Both a big departure from the Tippmann style internals typical of woodsball stuff (which ironically are poppet valves like the P*)

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Yeah Dye is pretty much top of the line. They have a low/mid range sister company called Proto. Everyone's waiting for them to do something.


The DAM retails for $1500 and comes with two mags and a 400 round box magazine.


I had one before they raised the price and started including the box mag. One of the most ergonomic markers I've ever used. I miss it but I tried it for my dream marker. Carmatech Sar12.







That particular Milsig isn't out yet but its going to retail for about $500 and they're coming out with a 60 round and 130 round drum mag for it. Otherwise the lowest price milsig is an AR/Carbine looking model for $350 called the CQC. Also mechanical select fire full auto.


Unfortunately as a whole, paintball still hasn't gotten any cheaper lol.

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DAM is old news guys. The big thing with it was the ability to switch between mag fed and hopper so you can have a gun that shoots both first strike rounds and ordinary paint. Other than this, it's an overpriced toy (I think it was $1500., may be cheaper now).


Paintball has never been affected by the laws b'cos the manufacturers are mostly US-based and willing to play the political game (with their pocketbooks open). And the companies, players, etc. pretty much think and move as one. Whereas airsoft replicas are almost entirely imports, their efforts to play the political game have been reactive at best, and the players are disparate groups that often can't work together, especially on the national level. I don't know how many times I was told one of two things with SB199, either "I'm not in California, why should I care", or "I'll just move out of California".


Also in areas where paintball and airsoft are in direct competition, airsoft often gets some initial traction, but paintball, the people, the companies, and the leagues know how to play dirty. Efforts to spread rumors, going after insurers, encouraging conflict among rival factions, etc.


The important thing to remember is that any law at any level makes a difference, whether national, state, or city. Because if you lose any of those levels, you can lose the war. This is why a group like the NRA fights for their agenda at every level, not just the national level, as is in their namesake ("National Rifle Association"). The same way a national Labor Union will often use out-of-state money for efforts to fight at the local level, or a national political party spend heavily to influence strategic races where it feels it can make a difference.

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