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Massive HK3P PX4 Package + Upgrades

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After a year or so I'm starting to lose interest in my PX4, so I'm planning to sell it. I'm about 60% willing to sell, 40% willing to just keep it.


Here goes.












Alrighty. Package includes:


HK3P PX4 Custom GBB

-Slide painted and heat cured using Brownell's Alumahyde-II Stainless Steel Grey

-Frame custom stippled using SAI-inspired patterning

3 x HK3P 25rnd Magazines

3 x Nine Ball Extended Mag Bumpers (stock ones included)

WE Threaded -14mm Silencer Adapter (glued on, explained later)

Real Steel Beretta USA PX4 Storm Extended Magazine Catches

Real Steel IMI Military Paddle Holster for PX4


Installed internals:

Nine Ball 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel (stock one included)

A+ Plus Devil HopUp Chamber (stock one included)

Team GBB Enhanced Recoil + Hammer Spring (120%?)


There are two issues to note regarding the pistol:


1. The hopup arm is currently broken (pictured below); the pistol still has hopup, but it is relatively ineffective when adjusted. A new arm can be either sourced from TM direct (if you have a Japanese contact), or by buying a spare WE PX4 upper (these go for $40-50 depending on where you look).




2. Not an issue, but the WE silencer adapter is JBWelded onto the outer barrel. Early in the pistol's lifespan the adapter threads on the outer barrel were stripped, so the adapter was glued in. The OB can still be removed from the slide if stripping is needed.


Regarding the real steel PX4 mag catches, they do not work with the WE's design, you will need to buy additional parts in order for it to work. Brownell's sells these parts (specifically, Beretta parts #49, #50, and #51) - I cannot guarantee this will work in the end, however I believe it's worth it if you have the desire to make the RS catches work.


Everything cost me about $300+, and regarding the pistol's condition, I think $225 + shipping is a fair asking deal. Price is of course OBO, however I will ignore lowballers.


Paypal is accepted only, the ONLY trade I'd consider would be a WE/HK3P M&P (or Toucan or whatever the flying :censored2: WE call their pistols now).


Thanks for looking!

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