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Polarstar DMR

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I'm making a polarstar dmr!! I've got the rail and all I need is an outerbarrel, inner barrel and a sight, maybe a bipod.


For the sight I want something under $80 because I really don't need something expensive since I will have an offside red dot.


For fps I'm going for 450 not 500 because I don't think I want to be concerned about ripping people up.

HOW CAN I ACHIEVE THIS? (Nozzle, barrel, etc.)

For the bipod I want something spring loaded


For the outerbarrel I wa thinking about 16' but I don't think that will be shooting far enough. (NEED HELP)


Inner barrel I want maybe a quarter inch coming out the barrel or just the exact length as the outer barrel


Hopup: I'm going with a prowin hop up with a maple leaf 75 degrees.


Also any wide bores I should consider?



I'm going for almost silent gun so that is why I'm not considering extending my inner barrel through my silencer.



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if you want to conserve gas and/or increase joules I'd say run with a shorter barrel, a 363 seems to be the best of both worlds in the accuracy+power department especially when using heavy bbs since that's the trick for joule creep(its because heavier bbs decelerate going down your barrel the heavier they are so if you shorten it you can have a "cutoff"). If you want good groupings I'd say youd need to run with a maple leaf flat hop setup with the 50 degree nub, 363x6.03mm barrel and the cyan bucking. Trust me on this, upgrades don't matter if their not compatible, so I'd recommend running the same brand(with the exception of SHS because they don't check their shît and its offbrand stuff) for compression things. I'd say on the bipod its all up to your field. Bipods don't work in thick forests and they don't work in cheap plywood cover as there aren't flat surfaces on either of them. I'd say just use a rail cover if your field has either of those and you plan on playing there. Always have your outer barrel as the same length as your inner unless you want inconsistent groupings. Get some good bbs aswell, like G&G for cheapness and accuracy or kingarms for range.

I'd say use .30s-.36s depending on your budget and/or barrel length because the ultra heavy bbs past .36 are usually soft and its hard to find good ones afaik.

Scopes don't really matter as the expensive ones do the same thing as the cheapo one from amazon and its pointless to have it as you could lose it and stuff.

Also, when you have a silent gun your going to have some accuracy and range issues, just sayin.

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Also if you're willing to spend more on a barrel, you can afford to get a widebore barrel which will be the best for your P* because the BBs can ride the ceiling on a cushion of air, which AEGs can't afford to do because they can't dump enough air down the barrel to make it worth it. Also Prometheus makes just about the best bucking you can get, but also I would R-hop your barrel and that'll help a ton. Unfortunately, I have no recommendations for a scope though, good luck with that.

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