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*DIY* Rhop IRM or IERM Nub

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Dude that's freakin' genius! Now I feel stupid for buying a crap load of M nubs. At least they were the cheaper version from Shifty's shop. Maybe I could use those for the nubs instead of the hop patch? I'll do some tests whenever I can get around to actually working on all this.


Btw, loved the guide even more because you're hilarious. Thumbs up :a-thumbsup:

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Interesting concept, converting an IR-hop into an active concave nub. You might find a few other ways to do something like this in one of the many flat hop threads flying around here.


To answer your question though:


"Whoah... why is that flat?"


This gets into a discussion of active concave vs. passive concave. If you're using something solid and relatively incompressible, it does need to be concave shaped to make complete contact with the BB. The upside to this is its great for visualization/marketing, is easy to tune for short-travel hops, and does improve contact over hard flat nubs or the traditional cylinder, but the downside is it amplifies spin velocity inconsistencies due to bb diameter deviation, is more sensitive to hop arm angle, and puts pressure points at the edges of the bucking. Something that can behave as compressible in situ, will conform to the BB ironing out these inconsistencies and producing great performance, but the down side is that tuning it for short travel hop systems can be more of a challenge.


Just to give you a nice visual example, below is what a BB looks like after having been fired through a typical R-hop M-nub setup. As you can see even concave contact is not a problem:


Please note the striations are perpendicular to the direction of travel, and are an artifact of the scribing fluid removal as they are not reflected in the contact of regular BBs.



Anyways though, kudos for coming up with something clever I didn't think of, and throwing in some humor while you're at it. ;)

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