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WTS:G&P Magpul Sniper/Dmr

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I recently bought this gun with the intentions of turning it into a dmr. I basically bought all new internals and sent them to Paul at Amped Airsoft to be installed. I just recieved the gun back from Amped a few days ago and verified that it shoots and shoots at the correct fps (425-430 with .25s). 


G&P Magpul Moe Sniper:

Link to original gun



New parts installed:

509mm 6.03 Madbull Black Barrel

SHS High Torque Motor

SHS Steel Gear Set 18.1

SHS Steel Bushings

SHS Blue Piston

Guarder Aluminum Piston head

Guarder SP140 Spring

Guarder Air Nozzle

Guarder Ball Bearing Spring Guide

Guarder Full Cylinder

ProWin Hopup

ExtremeFire AB long Mosfet

Daniel Defense 20" Outer Barrel

Flat Hop from Amped


New parts not installed yet:

Madbull Red Bucking



Tenergy 11.1 1200mah Lipo 25-50c Discharge

3 G&P Midcap Mags

1 Pmag that came with gun originally

Leapers Illuminated Scope


Asking: $500 Shipped OBO


Any questions feel free to ask! I will check back frequently as I need this gone, so I should get back to you fairly quick. If you would like any other info or pictures please let me know. I will do my best to provide you with anything you request.



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