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1911-Style Airsoft Bullseye Pistol

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I am new here and after browsing the forum for a few hours yesterday I am pretty sure there are more than just gamers here. I don't want this to be a typical "what should I buy?" thread but it is a "what should I consider?" thread.



I have a modestly large group of 19 match target pistols in 22LR. I use a pair of very different pellet pistols as trainers.


I also have 5 1911 pistols in different calibers, all set up for bullseye shooting. I think I'd like to have an airsoft 1911 as a trainer.


Help Needed

Following the instructions in a sticky at the top of this forum here are my perceived needs based on some research over the last two or three days.


Price Range - $150 - $750 (you can assume no limit)

Type of Gun - Spring or Gas (my pellet pistols are springers but gas might be the better choice here, right?)

Preferred Gun Model - 1911

Role - Bullseye Trainer


I've talked to vendors, visited websites, browsed forums, and read what I could find about 1911-styled airsoft pistols. The brands that kept bubbling to the top seem to be (in no particular order) KWA, Tanfoglio, We, and KJW.


Accuracy and an outstanding trigger are important. Can I get there from here?


Your Recommendations

Your thoughts please. I know there are very likely some accomplished shooters here and I think the right gun is out there. Thanks for your comments.


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Tanfoglio does not officially make an airsoft gun. That is a Cybergun licensed rebrand. Not real good either.


TM is the most accuerate out of the box. KWA is hard to source spare parts and has a design flaw.




KJW is an option for second behind TM

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