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April 12-13 High Intensity Airsoft Weekend

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Twin Cities Airsoft - Premier Airsoft battle park


High Intensity Scenario Weekend

Held on the first weekend of every month at Twin Cities Airsoft!


Do to all the snow that came down April 3 we have moved the April event back one weekend.

April 12 & 13 High Intensity Scenario Weekend. $20 either day or $30 for both.

May 2 & 3 High Intensity Scenario Weekend. $TBA

May 31 & June 1 GIANT BIG GAME II $40 entry

July 4, 5 & 6 High Intensity Scenario Weekend. $TBA

Aug 2 & 3 High Intensity Scenario Weekend. $20 either day or $30 for both.

Sept 6 & 7 High Intensity Scenario Weekend. $20 either day or $30 for both.

Oct 4 & 5 High Intensity Scenario Weekend. $20 either day or $30 for both.

Nov 1 & 2 High Intensity Scenario Weekend. $20 either day or $30 for both.

Dec 6 & 7 High Intensity Scenario Weekend. $10 either day or $20 for both.


Different courses will be combined for each event.


Prizes given out each day.


Top Team and Player trophies awarded each month.



Everyone is welcome to come out and play on either Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.


Entry is only $15 a day! All entry fee money goes to build new forts, bunkers and to maintain the property.

Play Saturday and it is free to come back Sunday!

Something new every week. 100% of all entry money Twin Cities Airsoft receives goes straight back into fixing up the courses.


$5 for HP air refills for PolarStar systems.


We will have two large heated army tents for players and gear to help stay warm between games. We also have a 90' heated trailer if needed.


Twin Cities Airsoft

2267 130th Ave

Baldwin, WI 54013




twin_cities_airsoft_facebook_zpsa01f6b82.png twin_cities_airsoft_twitter_zps2e205bbf.png twin_cities_airsoft_youtube_zps0e268892.png


Gate opens at 10:00am, first game at 11am. We will run games until about 5pm. Winter Hours

Players can bring there own bb's.


BB's: $15/5000.

Gun rental $20.

Goggle rental $5

(Rental package) Gun, Goggles and 5000 BB's $35

Twin Cities Airsoft hats $25.


Snacks for sale

Pizza $10

Hot Dog $1

Gatorade $2

Soda $1

Bottled water $1

Bag of chips $1

Candy bars $1


We will have power outlets for players to use their own chargers. Plus we will have a rapid charger for players to use as well.


Games will have objectives with battle smoke.


Feel free to invite your friends! This is going to be a fun time!

Facebook event page: Event Page


Only 40 minutes from Saint Paul. Take I94 to into WI to Baldwin exit #19. See Directions Here!


400fps with .20BB's.

375fps with .25BB's.

Maximum velocity allowed for Snipers is 500fps with no shots closer than 100 feet to opponent.

Any Sniper Weapons MUST NOT have the ability to fire FULL AUTO.


If under 18 full paintball facemask is required.

All players must sign a waiver. If under 18 a parent must sign it.


Read Rules Here!



Facebook Page * Twitter Page * YouTube Page *


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