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A&K SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle questions for the experts :)

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I have a three year old SVD Dragunov and I'm thinking of upgrading it (I even see A&K has done some upgrading to their stock units now too). So, what spring type and manufacturer is best? What about the hop up or other internals? Also, what is the best bi-pod as far as durability for a barrel mount rifle like this one?


As an aside, I added the authentic Russian-look POV-1 scope and although it looks great, it reads way too high for Airsoft use even with it adjusted all the way; I'm assuming this is a common issue...or am I doing something completely wrong.


Thanks in advance for assistance; there are some experienced and sharp minds on this forum.



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Hello, nice to know another SVD fan out there, I believe your SVD is the spring version, considering you already have a SVD scope I highly suggest you to get something semi-auto as a SVD should have been. If you have the black plastic version, the stock is very weak and will most likely break off after a few times of disassembling it. I recommend getting wood kit. As for a spring I used a M170 with the extended SVD charging handle and it shot fine. I also recommend you to upgrade the hopup chamber if you intent to keep the spring version. Also a smooth aftermarket barrel will help increase your shots as well, but I cannot remember if the spring version uses AEG barrels or not.

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Guest alberty

Do you have the spring-cocking version?


If so, I think you can get an aftermarket hop-up for better hop-up adjustment and consistency. I think PPS makes it and they're carried in US retailers now.

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