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WTS 2013 JG M4A1 Basic TUNED w/ MOSFET and R-HOPPED (230' range)

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Shipping is not included


Buyer pays for all shipping fees.


I have here a JG M4A1 basic edition ($130 new), except I added my special touch to it.



-SHS o-ring air nozzle $7

-Prometheus "Straight" purple rubber $14

-High power MOSFET unit w/ deans $30

-R-hop w/ flat nub $10



-AoE adjusted

-Cylinder corners rounded

-16 AWG PTFE. rewire

-Replaced all o-rings

-Sealed cylinder to cylinder head w/ PTFE

-Cleaned and relubed

-Barrel polished


With the stock spring it was shooting 380 before mods, now it's hitting 390~395 fps w/ .2g, chrono'd with a Madbull V2.


This gun can reach out to 230 feet w/ G&G .28g BBs, measured using Google Earth. This gun outranges my friend's brand new KWA KM16BR. The groupings were inferior, but I prefer it to be broader, since that increases the probability of hitting a target at range.


Externally, besides some scratches on the pins from removal, the gun is new. This gun has never gone outside my house, and I've shot maybe ~300 rounds since I added the new parts.


NOTE: I was originally going to put a full stock on the gun, but I decided against so the buyer can put what they wanted on it. So the gun will be sold with the wiring as is. You can't put the buffer tube ring all the way on, so you can either take it off or have it like it is in the pic. Getting a battery bag is the simplest solution to hide the wires.


Asking price: $130 for the gun. KAC style (KWA made) rear sight INCLUDED! Buy the gun within the next 48 hrs after the time of this posting, and I will include a 9.6v 3300mAh battery...FREE.



(The black things on the wiring are zip ties)

I have a plethora of mags and accessories here:

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