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Any thoughts on the APEX line up of M4s?

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Hey guys,I am looking into buying a APEX M4 right now and was wondering what you guys thought because it sounds a little to good to be true.


$230 for laser engraved trade marks,full metal RIS,full metal body,9mm bearings,High toque motor,quick change spring system,multi-battery connectors,6.03 tight bore barrel,Blowback (plus for some people not me),functioning bolt catch,and one piece outer barrel


here's the link to it.




Any thoughts?





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Not much is known of the Apex series at the moment. AirsoftGI made a video on it, and Booligan wrote a review on it: http://www.booliganairsoft.com/2014/02/ape...-4-ebb-aeg.html


However, there are a couple issues with it right off the bat.


Although quick-change springs sound like an awesome idea, it really is not. Any experienced tech will tell you that each gearbox is a custom tailored build. If you optimize your gearbox for a high stress build, you can only use one spring with that build. Using a weaker or lighter spring can completely throw off the build and result in piston stripping, PME, etc. With a stock gun, the quick-change system can be used to some degree. However, the minute you attempt to upgrade your gun, the quick-change system becomes a liability. I would not trust a quick change system with an extremely strong spring, as used in DMRs, and a reliable high ROF build cannot have its springs changed on demand.


Ambidextrous mag release is a nice feature. However, any tech that has worked on an AEG with features like that can tell you how much of a pain it is to work on those guns. Again, the feature is nice, but will you ever use it? I transition between both shoulders, but I've never been in a situation where I could not transition back to my right side for reloading. If you practice speed reloading, you'll find that transitioning to your strong side and reloading will be faster than reloading on your weak side using an ambi mag release (unless you practice). As a result, the ambi mag release feature is only truly useful if you are left handed.


9mm bearings was not a good idea. The number of good, reliable 9mm bearings/bushings on the market at the moment is not promising. They should have stuck to 8mm.


Pneumatic/mechanical blowback has never been a good idea on AEGs. Unless you get a dedicated electrical recoil shock AEG like a TM or KWA, a simple bolt cover blowback system seems pointless. If you want blowback, why not get something with recoil? Otherwise, you just have an annoying clacking sound while you fire. Additionally, blowback systems add one more point of failure. I cannot tell you how many threads I've read by people complaining about how their G&G pneumatic recoil system broke.


The 6.03mm tightbore was a nice touch. However, we all know that the only good tightbores are made by Prometheus or PDI. Most people upgrade their barrel anyway, so including a tightbore to begin with was not the best investment. If you plan on keeping the Apex stock, I'm sure the tightbore would be a good addition. If you plan on upgrading it, the tightbore becomes useless.


A one piece outer barrel is not new. Many AEGs have that now.


Essentially, the Apex series do not offer anything remarkable to an experienced airsofter. To a new player, it may seem marvelous, but those in the sport for a while know what is a gimmick and what is not. The quick-change spring system is useless for real upgrading, the blowback is a liability, and the other perks aren't that great once you begin upgrading. I would sooner purchase a KWA or Lonex with my money.


I won't deny that the Apex series do have nice looking externals. Their gearbox is pre-radiused, so at least they have that going for them. However, you will still need to correct AOE by installing sorbo, and you still need to shim it since factory shimming from them is not good.


The hop-up system is interesting. That might be a nice thing. However, they should not have made it a "click-lock" system. Instead, they should have made a tension-lock system since finding the perfect hop-up adjustment requires extreme fine tuning.


In essence, I do not think you should spend your money on an Apex. At least until we get more reviews on its quality. It looks like Apex is simply a rebranded Classic Army.

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