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WTS: JG M4A1 w/ crane stock, mags, battery, accesories, internals

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Buyer pays for shipping

Paypal or cash





1. JG M4A1 w/ crane stock

-reshimmed via bevel gear

-AoE adjusted

-replaced o-rings

-PTFE on cylinder head

-Madbull bucking (blue)


I have also wired a high power 3034 based MOSFET into the buffer tube, and the trigger and main wires have 2mm bullet connectors so you can take the buffer tube off without cutting the wires. Trigger response on a half charged 9.6v battery is similar to a stock gun with a 11.1v.


ROF is near ~18 BB/s with the included battery. This gun is ready to go, and is "lipo ready," meaning you can use a 11.1v without the gun exploding.


The barrel was polished and with the Madbull blue, I am able to hit a person at 200 feet with the hop up on, using .28 G&G BBs.


This gun has been in my possession for about 3 days; it was bought new at Airsoft Atlanta. It has never been fielded. As a result, you are receiving a perfectly tuned rifle, with near perfect externals. I am going to include a 9.6v 1400mah battery (deans), VFC metal carrying handle, two King Arms 100 rd STANAG mags, and two King Arms 90 rd VN mags.


Asking price: $90


2. G&P Aimpoint M2 replica SOLD


Dead batteries, but in perfect condition. No scratches or wear anywhere. Glass is perfect. Essentially brand new, comes with the original mount.


Asking price: $30


3. 8x Metal hi cap mags. SOLD


4 are JG quick wind, 2 are DBoys, 1 is APS, 1 is VFC. They all hold 300, feed perfectly, and shoots 95% of the BB's after a full wind. Externally, some have scratches and very slight dings but no cracks or any pieces missing.


Asking price: $35


4. RiotSC dual sector gear SOLD


Used, but in good condition. Some scratches here and there and very slight wear on the teeth, but still, indestructible.


Asking price: $35

5. G&G .28g BBs


3x bags, one is sealed, two are 85%+ full.


Asking price: $15


6. Iron Face mesh mask w/ Revision Exoshield goggles


$60 value, both are brand new, never fielded or worn. I bought two of each on accident. My loss is your gain. The goggles are $40 new on ASGI, and the mask is $20 new at Airsoft Atlanta.


Asking price: $20 for goggles, $10 for mask, $25 for both.


7. ACM Grip pod and tan KAC vert. fore grip

Honestly one of the sturdiest grips I've ever used, the legs are incredibly sturdy, moreso than some other grip pod models I've used. Bought from DX for $15. I found the grip laying around, so I'll throw it in for free.


Asking price: $8

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