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FIRESALE! TONIGHT - m40, m9, plate carrier, SERPA

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It is time for downsizing right now. The prices are low, and they are also OBO. Please feel free to offer, I have been cutting deals lately.



- DO NOT THREADCRAP. If you do not like something, PM me please.

- Payment by Paypal

- I will ship after you pay in full

- Any trades, you ship first. I have plenty of feedback here, and more upon request.

- Prices are OBO, worst I can say is no

- Prices do NOT include shipping unless specified

- Damage after it is out of my hands is not my problem, it is YOUR responsibility to buy insurance

- Refunds on a case by case basis, PM me please



Custom m40


This one is one rifle that I will have to be pretty picky on when it comes to actually selling it. I have a buddy interested in it, but due to cash flow problems, I may need to sell it faster than he can come through on the deal. I absolutely love this rifle and told myself that I would never sell it so it will have to fetch what I want from it. The story on it is that it started life as a JG bar 10 and evolved to where it is now. The stock has probably over 100 hours of cutting, bondo, sanding, painting, ect in to it to get it how it looks now. The paintjob is wearing nicely and could be redone if the buyer so desires.



- M40 style rifle (JG bar 10 with custom formed stock)

- 5 magazines

- ASGI Zero Trigger

- ASGI 90 Degree trigger

- Masume Teflon Cylinder

- ASGI Bearing spring guide

- ASGI m170 spring (~575 fps)

- Stainless Cylinder Head (Cant remember brand, but I buy good stuff)

- KA Bucking

- R hop Install

- EdGI Tightbore


Price: $325


I have over $500 into the platform, not including the bondo and labor time on the stock. I have never actually used this rifle in a game, it probably has less than 400 shots through it since the upgrades.








HFC m9 with a broken trigger spring. Should be fine other than that, but have not tested at all.


Price: $45






No name black MOLLE plate carrier - Includes pictured pouches - $40








1911 SERPA - Paddle will come with - $15

NEW KWA mp7 bucking - $5

Metal PTS Masada Air Nozzle - $5

Commercial spec buffer tube - some internal grinding, does not affect anything - $10







Generic Red Dot - $20

Tan Drop leg - Condor - Normal wear - $10



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