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Gun not shooting issue

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So I just received my new barrel with rhop from Clandestine. I took my SCAR-L apart and removed the inner barrel and the hop up. I bought a new lonex bucking and removed the mounds off of it and then installed the barrel and hop back into the gun. The gun will not fire now. The gun goes through all the motions but no bbs come out. Due to it being a VFC I have not opened the gearbox what so ever and it was firing before the barrel install. I have done every test I can think of. I have installed another bucking, raised and lowered the hop nub, turning it upside down and firing, nothing seems to work. When I take the gun apart there is normally a bb stuck on the outside of the bucking between the bucking and the air nozzle like they aren't feeding through. While the gun was upside down I did the paper test and I'm not losing compression there. Please let me know if you all have any ideas. Thanks!



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