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SEAL/Devgru Loudout

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Im working on a SEAL/Devrgu type kit. Im would use AOR1 but I live in Washington :(





Sorry this is a bad picture but its the only one I have



Here is a close-up of my gun and my helmet.


Kit List




G&P Viper w/ (plan on getting MK18 RIS)

Repro PEQ-15

Magpul XTM Rail covers


Repro 551

3x Flip-to-side Magnifier (I think im going to take this off because I don't find my self hardly ever using it its just extra weight.)




Emerson Gen 3 AOR2 Shirt

Emerson Gen 3 AOR2 Pants

Repro Oakley gloves or tan mechanix mpact gloves

Bearpaw Hiking boots


Plate Carrier Setup


Emerson/Avengers JPC (Want to replace with AOR1 Flyye 6094)

BFG Ten-Speed Mag pouch

Fast Mag Pouch (Cant See in the picture but there is one on each side of the cummerbund)

Random OD Drop Pouch (Probably going to replace with different color)

Ireland Flag Patch (Doesn't go with Impression but idc for now)


Head Gear


Emerson Navy Seal Camo Base Jump Helmet (I don't know if this is the right helmet for this impression) (also want to get AOR2 Helmet Wrap)

Boogie Regulator Goggles

AOR2 Face Wrap




I like the look of the middle loud out with the AOR1 PC and MK18


I don't care so much about getting crye or real expensive gear but suggest gear to me to make my loudout out better and more accurate to a seal loudout.


Thanks :)




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If you are looking to do an impression, you need to find pictures of SEALs/DG and specifically find pictures of loadouts you like. You may like the middle guys kit, but that is not an acceptable primary source to do an impression because that is an airsoft kit. There is no guarantee that that is what the SEALs actually use, unless you can find a photo to back it up. Use Google to find photos as well as guides, and that will show you what gear to get.

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