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EDI 1st

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Sorry guys, have being gone for a while.

All the messages have being replied to and inbox is cleaned more or less.


Same old rules





1. PM for any question

2. Shipping not included unless otherwise stated

3. The ONLY trade is money. (Unless otherwise stated)

4. Only ship with USPS Priority or UPS Ground w/tracking unless otherwise requested.

5. Pick up available.

6. NO PART OUT, unless otherwise stated OR the entire package is paid for.

7. Price are OBO, that does NOT mean lowball.



(Will have pic of everything with paper/name/date later, but at the mean time my Pink Cat and feedback should speak for themselves.)



Make: Tokyo Marui

Model: MK23 (Whole set)

External: Stock

Internal: Stock

Issue: None

Price: $175 shipped

(Pic later)





Make: JG

Model: G36

External: scope/red dot carrying handle, M4 Stock adapter, Madbull ACE Stock

Internal: Stock

Issue: Battery cap for the red dot is missing.

Price: $200 shipped






Make: JG

Model: G36

External: M4 stock adapter (on two of them)

Internal: Stock

Issue: All of them are missing the left side selector switch (just the external piece, you DON'T need to open the gun up to put a new one on.)

Some missing body pins

One missing grip base plate

Price: $70 a piece

Buy all FIVE for $300






Make: ECHO 1

Model: DSR (G3)

External: Stock

Internal: Stock

Issue: Missing handguard pin

Price: $110 shipped







Make: KWA

Model: MP7 w/5mags

External: Grip stippled

Internal: Stock

Issue: Foregrip was ripped off

Price: $300 Shipped








Make: KWA

Model: M93R w/3 mags

External: Stock

Internal: Stock

Issue: frame missing quite a bit of parts

Price: $170 Shipped







Make: Echo 1

Model: Troy M4

External: Stock

Internal: Stock

Issue: None

Price: $150 Shipped







Make: Echo 1

Model: ER-25 (SR-25) w/ 2 high caps, SR-25 QD suppressor

External: Stock

Internal: Stock w/JG M42 motor

Issue: One of the mag's shell is bent, still functions.









Make: ICS

Model: Anniversary Edition Olympic Arms M4

External: Stock

Internal: 13:1 Gear set, 3034 MOSFET, Neo motor

Issue: Missing rear body pin (I probably have one somewhere lol)

Price: $300 shipped









Make: G&G

Model: M14 w/1 high cap and 2 dual mag pouches.

External: G&G M14 RIS

Internal: Stock

Issue: None

Price: $300 Shipped

Note: Tanky as hell gearbox, great for DMR build (takes standard gear set instead of V7, much easier disassemble process)








Make: Javelin Gun Works

Model: AK74

External: Stock

Internal: Stock

Issue: None

Price: $150

Note: Blowback disabled (can be easily re-enable)

steel receiver, cover, gas tube etc etc








Make: DBoy

Model: MK17 aka SCAR-H w/1 mag EACH

External: Stock

Internal: Stock

Issue: The one shown with tan mag is missing left side selector and few screw for the stock

Price: $175 for the one with no missing parts, $160 for the one with missing parts (replacement can be found through Evike)

Note: Still have the rails and the screws for the one shown with black mag.








Make: Polarstar

Model: PR15

External: MOE Handguard, MVG, MOE Grip, MOE Stock

Internal: Well, Polarstar FE, wired to deans, Level 5 barrel lapping, trigger spring removed

Issue: Has a very small leak, does not affect function/performance.

Price: $650

NOTE*******: Bored up blue nozzle, yes, we made the hole bigger, 5mm diameter to be exact

(more air flow, higher FPS, same idea as switching to a red nozzle except it's still blue :P)






Make: Polarstar

Model: PR15

External: Daniel Defense MK18 RIS, JBU Suppressor, MOE Grip, Real FAB Defense stock, AFG, XTM, MBUS

Internal: Polarstar FE

Issue: None

Price: $750


Edited by EDI 1st

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