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Tha Greenlander

*Brand New* to Airsoft. Looking for a good gun

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Hey guys,


Just joined this forum a few minutes ago and I may be starting to develop a hobby into the exciting world of Airsoft etc.. I have been looking over a few website and found this particular gun:



I won't be joining any Airsoft matches(at least not yet :P) and will mainly be using this to see if this hobby is even for me. I heard 240FPS won't cause serious damage which is perfect.


I appreciate all the help!



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Guest alberty

A spring pistol is okay to mess around with, but playing around with that kind of really basic cheap gun really won't give you a good idea if you will be interested in continuing airsoft or not. It will just feel like a basic rack-and-shoot toy and doesn't give you the experience of customizing an airsoft gun, wearing cool gear, and playing at big games.

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If you really want to see if this sport is for you, try to find a field in your area that does rentals and simply play a few times. That option won't cost much in the short run, but if you find yourself on your fifth or so trip out there, just buy a gun already.


That kind of pickup match is not going to be the prefferred setting for everyone, but it serves both as a good beginning point and a way to sort out the people who genuinely want to play from those that just kind of like the idea of shooting stuff.


Shooting a target can be good practice if done right and is fun in its own way, but you don't get anything near the kind of feeling involved when dealing with intelligently mobile targets who shoot back.

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