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good beginner gun that won't break the budger

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See, that's the thing. They totally put CRANE stock in capital letters on the listing for the gun and nothing but 'crane type, not included' under the 'battery' section (also wrote that it could fit larger crane type batteries) so I guessed it was cool because they said it would fit G&G on the battery's page.


In response to Daishain, you're sort-of right. There's a plastic thing sitting inside of the third chamber in the stock (where the small battery prong should go) from which the wire comes out of and that is the thing blocking it and seemingly preventing any 3-pronged battery from being used in the stock. I don't know why they'd design it like that when they could just have stuck it into the metal tube the stock's attached on and just run the wire through or made the plastic thing much smaller. I can attach a pic but I'm guessing you have some idea of what I'm talking about.

They do say that, which threw me off as well, but that may be Evike's doing, they've fudged up the details on their products before.


I haven't run a crane stock myself, so no I'm not entirely certain. But I do have a hunch. If I recall correctly, some crane stocks have a three ringed insert intended to hold the batteries in place. I believe that is the piece you are seeing. It should be removable. See if you can run the battery without that piece, or better yet, modify the middle ring to fit the third part of the battery.


Double check everything before attempting a permanent change, you don't want to ruin a good stock on a mistaken hunch that it might help.

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