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G&P M4's, P90 and more!

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I'm getting out of airsoft so I need to get all of this stuff out. This stuff has been in storage for a while so I can't remember some of the details on the guns, I'll post what I remember. If you'd like multiple items we can work out a deal, just PM me.



-I ship USPS Priority (as cheaply as possible) unless otherwise requested. Can't do UPS, sorry.

-No trades

-Prices do no include shipping

-PM'ing me will result in a faster response.

-First one to come up with the money for an item gets it, not trying to hold on to stuff for people. Sorry.


First up, the proof pic:




1. G&P/King Arms M4 $250 SOLD

This is kind of a frankengun. It has G&P receivers (MUR upper), ACM URX 3.1 rail, Magpul ACS stock, KAC style dimpled barrel, Magpul MOE grip and AFG, Troy BUIS, and Surefire style flash hider and suppressor. The gun has been Duracoated Tactical Dark Earth but does have some minor wear. I didn't paint the MUR upper so that I could preserve the trades, the colors blend better in person than in the picture. Also has an ambi mag release. Does not have the fake bolt. The internals consist of a King Arms gearbox, AOE corrected Super Shooter metal tooth piston, SHS aluminum piston head, Lonex air nozzle, SHS trigger contacts, 16 gauge teflon wiring with deans connector, JG gears, M140 spring, full cylinder, and a frankentorque motor. Also has a Lonex hop up unit, Madbull green bucking and 407mm Madbull barrel and is R hopped. The rate of fire is about 20rps. Mag pictured is included.



2. JG Terminator P90 $200SOLD

This one shoots about 30 rps on an 11.1v lipo. The internals I know it has are SHS 13:1 gears, ZCI metal tooth piston, M120 spring, Madbull 363mm barrel, 16 gauge teflon wiring to deans (designed to be run with an external battery bag. The gun has been filled with foam front to rear so it feels solid and doesn't have a lot of the noise most P90s have. Comes with Everything shown, JG short mag, red dot, AFG, box mag, suppressor and 2 midcaps. Has some light wear but nothing that can't be touched up with a little paint.



3. G&P MRP $300SOLD

This has been my primary for a couple of years and has never let me down. The gearbox has been upgraded to include 16awg teflon wiring to deans, SHS trigger contacts, SHS 15 tooth piston AOE corrected, Lonex piston head, G&P cylinder, cylinder head and air nozzle, an M120 spring, ball bearing spring guide, SHS 16:1 gears with a JG bevel gear, G&P bearings, and an SHS high torque motor. The rate of fire is 30 rps on the included 11.1v buffer tube lipo. The barrel is the standard G&P with a Lonex soft bucking (never needed to upgrade, was getting consistent hits out to 240 ft). The stock is a Classic Army Vltor Emod, KAC QD end plate, the grip is a standard A2 grip that has had the finger hump removed ( I also drilled some ventilation holes in the motor plate) Magpul MOE trigger guard, Tango Down for grip, Troy style iron sights and a G&P burnt chrome KAC Triple Tap flash hider. I'll also include 2 Magpul PTS dark earth Pmag mid caps (real PTS, not ACM). If the rail covers aren;t your style you can choose from Magpul XTM (black/tan), Larue clips, or Magpul XT's, all dark earth colored. The gun is perfectly shimmed and shoots great. It has a little wear from being used in games but no major scratches.




4. Gearbox lot $20SOLD

Does not include screws and may not include all parts needed. There's a couple Ver 6's, couple Ver 3's, an M249 gearbox and a Ver 2. There's a couple of other small pieces not pictured.



5. BAR 10 bipod $15

Standard bipod from a BAR 10. Has been Kryloned tan.



6. Zippy 3000mah 11.1v lipo $15

Great battery, lasts a long time. Used it on the P90 I have listed and I have gone through 2 box mags on one charge. Wired to deans.



7. Gen 1 WE GBBR magazines for parts x6

All of these leak and one does not include all of the parts. They have been coated in GunKote but it didn't turn out the best. If you need parts for some of your mags make me an offer or I'm just going to throw them away.




Thanks for looking

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I would like to add that the M4 was built to be a DMR which is the reason for the more powerful spring. I tested the accuracy today and it shoots like a laser. It needs .3's or bigger run through it though, it skyrockets my .25's

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