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Aeg or P*

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So after teching on a few guns and playing more I have decided that I want to build a new rifle. However the dilemma that im having is one that I have had before. Im stuck between getting another AEG platform or P*. I have dug through several forums trying to find out information that will help me decide but honestly its mostly opinions. For me its all coming down to cost. I enjoy tweaking and teching to get the most out of my guns and I can do this with either platform. However I don't want to spend an arm and a leg to do it if I don't have to.

I guess my question is, is there really not that big a price difference between the 2 platforms? I keep reading that a fully upgraded AEG will cost as much as a p* setup but I honestly cannot see the math in those statements. I have fully replaced a AEG internally for 200-300 dollars, this is no where near the cost of a p* star setup. Outside of the barrel and the hop which most of the time will get replaced on a p* anyway the parts just don't add up to the p* cost. Am I missing something? From what I can tell I could honestly buy 2 guns and replace the internals for the price of a p* setup.

Im just trying to see what everyone else thought.

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In my opinion, there is a really big price difference.


With a P*, you are looking at a $650 - $700 gun, and an HPA which can range from $70 - $120 for a decent one. So now you're up to roughly $720, at the lowest price of gun and tank. So say you use this setup for a year or so, and your fusion engine completely breaks. Now you're out ~$500. So over a year you have spent ~$1220. Then there is also the price of refilling your air tank.


With an aeg, you are looking at ~$350 - $400 for a nice one. Plus a battery, so add $30. Now like you said, for a complete overhaul of the internal components, it would be $200-$300, so lets place it in the middle at $250. So now you're up to $680, which is only $40 cheaper than a P*. However, if something ever breaks in an aeg, it is fairly cheap to replace it. So over a year you might be spending ~$800.


Honestly, it really all does come down to ones opinion. In my opinion (on airsoft guns in general), I prefer a GBB rife to any aeg. Also in my opinion based on the topic, the P* is not worth it because you are spending so much at one time just to get a gun working. With a $400 aeg, you can choose to upgrade it at any pace you want, and you end up spending money over a long period of time instead of dropping a ton of money all at once. Also, something that turned me away from a P* is the hose that connects to the HPA tank (I used to play paintball and that was one thing that always bothered me).


If you are looking for something different though, and can spare dropping the money all at once, and are prepared to possibly have to replace the fusion engine, then go for it.


If you would rather not have to save up a lot of money right away, then go for another aeg and upgrade at your own pace.


Hope this helps.




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I am an aeg owner. Have build many guns. None have outranged my buddies polarstar. I can get close, but the effective range and groupings is just plain better. Having said that, the cost of a polarstar will be more and you have to think of filling your tank after every game. My buddy bought a scuba tank, we have 3 polarstars on our team.


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